Energy price cap: Rishi Sunak reveals £150 council tax rebate as energy bills rise by 54%


Local authorities can use discretionary funding to help low-income households who do not live in AD municipal tax brackets or those who are exempt from paying municipal tax, Sunak told MPs.

Speaking in parliament, Labor MP Meg Hillier called him “the Chancellor of Klarna” in response to plans to provide repayable loans to households.

The price cap means a spike in wholesale energy prices that could not be passed on to customers. At least 25 UK suppliers have closed while Bulb remains in a state of de facto nationalisation.

“Skyrocketing gas prices will now push people into dire financial straits and spell disaster for those who are already struggling to cope with the rising cost of heating their homes,” said Connor Schwartz , climate manager at Friends of the Earth. “The government must announce sufficient support for anyone who is already struggling or at imminent risk from these hikes.

“It’s the same day that Shell’s highest quarterly profit in eight years is announced. Fossil fuel companies profit while people choose between food and heating, so the question again has to be asked: why is there no windfall tax on these companies?

“We need to address the root cause and that means ending the root cause of the crisis: gas addiction. Don’t get me wrong, this will be a problem year after year unless the government is radical now. The best time to invest in renewables and roll out a massive home insulation program was 20 years ago, the government didn’t do it then, the best time is now.

The 54% increase in the energy price cap far exceeds the last change, made in October last year, which increased it by 12%. Inflation hit its highest level in 30 years in December.

“Cost of living pressures are at a boiling point,” saidClare Moriarty, Managing Director of Citizens Advice. “The April price hikes have yet to hit and already people are turning to our services in record numbers.

“Frontline counselors hear desperate stories of families living in one room for warmth, people turning off their fridges to save money, and others relying on hot water bottles instead of heating for fear of the heat. ‘increase in bills.’

Stop mass homelessness

Help us end mass homelessness

If we don’t act, the UK faces a homelessness crisis this fall.

Joe Malinowski, founder of energy price comparison website The Energy Shop, said the energy price cap has “already bankrupted more than half of all energy suppliers on the market “.

“Now it is about to put the consumer out of business,” he added. “On April 1, energy households across the country are set to be battered by colossal increases in energy bills. For many, if not most, this will be simply unaffordable.”


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