Enjoy yourself at the all-new New Bedford Museum


The doors of the first and only selfie museum on the South Coast are now open.

Paige Jones and Jaslyn Sweetman are the women behind the idea of ​​bringing the national phenomenon to New Bedford. In mid-March, Jones and Sweetman decided to book an impromptu trip to Miami, hoping to hang out with the girls and take a few days away from their kids. While there, they visited the Miami Selfie Museum in the Wynwood Art District, where an idea occurred to them … Why not bring this unique experience back to the New Bedford area?

“It’s not something foreign, but it’s foreign to this region,” Jones said.

SouthCoast had never seen a selfie museum in their own backyard before, and Jones said she and Sweetman weren’t sure if it was because they hadn’t tried or because no one was interested. . Nevertheless, the women continued, creating Take2wo, the region’s first and only selfie museum, and is located on the second floor of Kilburn Mill in New Bedford.

Courtesy of Sasha Prata Photography

So what can visitors expect from the Take2wo experience? Upon entering, visitors will take two Polaroid photos, hence the name. They can keep one and the other will stay in the museum to be part of a keepsake wall. Visitors will then walk through a total of 27 installations, both on built-in walls and freestanding walls, showcasing everything from elements of hypebeast culture and a rock and roll room to a pink bedroom themed from the 80s and 90s and rooms based around the four seasons.

Although many selfie museums around the world offer rooms based on summer, fall, winter and spring, Jones said the four seasons experience is different in New Bedford because it allows visitors to get a feel for the south coast at any time of the year.

“We’re actually in New England and we want our visitors and tourists to experience the four seasons here at The Mill as well,” Jones said.

Representation of the SouthCoast community was important to Jones and Sweetman in the creation of Take2wo, so in perhaps two of the coolest places throughout the museum, including its denim wall installation, visitors will find items that the members of the community have contributed.

“Denim is actually made from pants donated by members of the community,” Jones said. “Your pants could potentially be on the wall.”

Courtesy of Sasha Prata Photography

When visitors leave Take2wo, it is also possible to “represent your ensemble” by depositing a business card. Jones said everyone from car dealerships to skateboard shops is pictured on the Rep Your Set wall, which allows visitors to see what the greater New Bedford area has to offer.

After months of planning and preparation, Take2wo opened to the public last weekend, and as attendance increased throughout Saturday and Sunday, Jones and Sweetman knew the demand for a museum like this it was there and people were interested in what they had to offer.

Visitors have even started sharing their photos and videos of the experience on social media, and word is getting around quickly.

Take2wo is open Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Visitors must reserve their place in advance via the Take2wo website, and 50-minute museum tours cost $ 25.

New Bedford’s first selfie museum now open

New Bedford’s first (and only) is now open on the South Coast! Located on the second floor of the Kilburn Mill, Take2wo offers 27 Insta-worthy facilities and loads of fun.

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