Erwin Middle students work on mastering communication skills


ROWAN COUNTY, North Carolina (WBTV) – Rowan-Salisbury Schools: Great communication skills are important qualities to have in your back pocket at all times.

Whether it’s talking to your professors, making presentations to other students, or preparing for future interviews for work or college, students at Erwin College are focusing on these important skills this year. and for years to come. Each Erwin student will complete four targeted communication projects each year during their college career.

These projects include a presentation with a slideshow, a podcast, an infographic and finally a video project. All communication projects are associated with rubrics that are built up as students progress to the next level.

The main goals are to show students how to create a product while using the rubric as a guide and, more importantly, to let Erwin feel confident in his high school communication skills.

Eric Coleman, an eighth-grade student at Erwin, completed his first-term social studies presentation titled “Mandatory and Voluntary Rights and Responsibilities of American Citizens.” When asked about his thoughts on his involvement in communications projects, Eric said, “It will benefit me in the long run. My family members all work in careers where they need to communicate effectively. If you can’t talk to people, you won’t get very far. If you are able to do this effectively, you will earn respect. Respect is earned, you don’t understand that. I want my communication skills to be my strong point.

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