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As COVID-19 continues to spread, so do legal complaints – from challenges to group gatherings, event cancellations, companies suing their insurers for loss of earnings coverage.

The coronavirus has exposed many of the flaws and weaknesses in local and federal governments, supply chains, and trade relationships, which have been punctuated by the emergence of lawsuits specifically around the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are individuals suing on their own behalf or on behalf of their loved ones, often for those who have been exposed to the coronavirus – in a retirement home, assisted living facility, in a restaurant or at work. Class actions are just as numerous: groups of individuals, businesses or businesses sue a city or state, or a branch of a state or federal government, or sue a particular business or corporation.

Based on Hunton Andrews Kurth’s COVID-19 complaint tracking data, more than 11,000 complaints have been filed across the country since January 2020. Zapprouvé used the complaint tracking data to compile a list of the most common types. current COVID-19 legal complaints. The Complaint Tracker is a database of state and federal disputes involving COVID-19 claims and is updated daily. The different types of complaints are categorized by the number of legal complaints filed under each type since March 2020, and mainly focus on corporate legal disputes. California leads the country with more than 2,000 complaints, followed by New York, Florida, Texas and New Jersey. Month-to-month and state-to-state data is as of August 10, 2021.

Lawyers, judges and legal experts have struggled with how to deal with issues for which there are not always clear laws or regulations. Many cases are still pending, and given the renewed fervor for mask warrants and the debate over whether people should be required to show proof of vaccination, the number of complaints is not expected to slow down. anytime soon.

Read on for the most common types of COVID-19 legal complaints.


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