Fitbit Sense is so cheap on Black Friday I might buy one


Although in my review of the Fitbit Versa 3 I said it was “the best Fitbit smartwatch for most people”, I should have added “… for the price” because now the Fitbit Sense is the cheapest on Black Friday I can’t help but wonder if I should get one. After all, it does everything the Versa 3 does (and more) and is now less expensive than the full-priced Versa 3.

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It’s such a good deal, you could even say it’s the best Black Friday deal yet! That said, the Fitbit Charge 5 is also the cheapest ever on Amazon, so it depends on your fitness goals. Fitness smartwatches like the Sense are a bit more robust and feature-rich, and have a larger screen to look at. Fitness trackers like the Charge 5 are more subtle.

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Why you should buy the Fitbit Sense on Black Friday

The Sense represents a change in the direction Fitbit is taking with its wearables. It is more than just a footstep follower; in fact, it’s a full-fledged health smartwatch comparable to watches like the Withings Scanwatch and even the Apple Watch SE.

Another great thing about the Fitbit Sense is that it brought ECG tracking to the masses at a reasonable price and integrated it into the larger Fitbit ecosystem that already included sleep, heart rate, and heart rate monitoring. stress.

Speaking of stress monitoring: Wrist EDA Scan app for Sense detects electrodermal activity, which “can indicate your body’s response to stress so you can better track and manage it,” as Fitbit explains. .

It also has a wrist skin temperature sensor that’s not so unique anymore (many smartwatches can track it now), but it’s good to add this data to the system to get a more holistic view of your health. . The Fitbit Sense has a battery life of over 6 days, fast charging, and is compatible with iOS 12.2 and Android OS 7.0 or higher operating systems.

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