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Jim sparkman
Principal broker / owner

Mark E. Farrow
Broker / Owner

HomeSmart Real Estate Group
Salem, Oregon

Region served: Northwest Oregon, Willamette Valley, Portland Metro
Years in real estate: Jim: 16; Rating: 25
Number of offices: 9
Number of agents: 355

Indispensable technological tool: RealSmart Agent, HomeSmart’s proprietary software.

The most important thing you learned this year: How eager we are to resume face-to-face communication with our agents and clients.

Paige Brown: What drew you to the HomeSmart brand?

Jim Sparkman: We didn’t have a 100% model in our market, so it was very attractive and it was something new. What attracted us more to HomeSmart was their culture of growth, support and learning.

PB: How do you use technology to better serve your customers?

JS: We use technology as an extension of the lens. This gives us the opportunity to reach a wider audience and keep those we serve well informed and connected to the process.

PB: What are the current trends that you are observing in your respective markets at the moment?

Mark Farrow: We have gone from a situation of multiple offers on most properties that would take 12-14 weeks to get a house under contract to now only 30 days. We are also seeing significant growth in all of our markets, and we continue to see with interest rates that they are not going to change in the near future.

PB: How does your company facilitate the work of its agents?

JS: HomeSmart’s mantra is “Real Estate Made Easy” and we have systems in place to reduce agent time throughout the transaction while providing them with tools that will streamline their real estate processes and operations.

PB: What do agents today find most valuable when considering which brokerage firm to join, and how do you make sure your office delivers that value?

JS: Agents today want to keep more of their money, and they want to be able to reinvest it in growing their business. At HomeSmart, being a 100% model, we focus on giving more back to the agent rather than keeping him as a brokerage firm (i.e. 100% against the split model). We like to say that we are a 100% brokerage house with all of the same tools as the traditional brokerage house.

…and more!

PB: How did you help your agents adapt to the challenges of the pandemic?

MF: We’ve done our best to continue our regular marketing meetings dedicated to learning and helping our agents deal with all aspects of social media, but it has been trying and frustrating at times not to have this communication. face to face.

PB: As we prepare for 2022, what are you waiting for the most?

JS: We are looking to resume activities in person. We are an interpersonal and face-to-face business, and as a professional REALTOR, we feed off that interaction, so it’s important that we come back to a normalization where we can have that in-person communication and connection. . .

We look forward to recognizing our agents for what they have done in the real estate world, what they have done to give back to our community and all the hard work they have done during this difficult time.

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