George and Arizona never met onscreen, but maybe they should have


George O’Malley (played by TR Knight) will be forever remembered as a Grey’s Anatomy both fan favorite and vanished before his time. He only appeared on the show for five seasons, but made a lasting impression on fans. He tragically left the show around the same time Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) joined the set and became Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) new sweetheart. For many fans, this adds to the disappointment as Arizona and George never officially met “on screen” despite their common bond.

Arizona replaced George as Callie’s love interest

Arizona and George on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ | Bob D’Amico, Randy Holmes / Walt Disney Television / Getty Images

O’Malley and Torres had a complex, bittersweet swirling romance that is fueled by innocence. It happened right after O’Malley’s devastating night with Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), making him reluctant to engage in love confessions with Torres. In fact, it takes about 40 plague with Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) to sink confessions of love. Then it’s off to a quick wedding in Vegas when George’s dad suddenly dies of cancer, after which George cheats on Callie with Izzy Stevens (Katherine Heigl).

As Callie and George go their separate ways, we start to see that Callie is bisexual when she hooks up with Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith) for a short time. However, it is Arizona Robbins who replaces George as Callie’s lover. The “Calzona” relationship is very hot and the sparks are visible from the first meeting.

Why did George and Arizona never meet on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

When most people think of this transition for Callie, we often imagine that it happened after George died. However, this is not true. George leaves the series and Arizona joins season five. There are cases where the characters are presumably in the same area, but they are not actually meet.

It’s somewhat disappointing for fans who think George should have had at least some reaction to Callie’s arrival in the LGBTQ community, which also allowed Ramirez to “break free” publicly. Many fans believe that George could have helped Arizona and Callie connect, reunite, and perhaps could have made them stronger.

The truth is, George was already disappearing as a character when Callie and Arizona hooked up. There was chemistry between George and Lexie Gray (Chyler Leigh), but after George’s lack of interest, Lexie moved on to Mark Sloan. George kind of faded into the background, knotting the details, until he left the show.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ always makes us guess

For about four seasons, Calzona goes through a lot. They are fully committed to each other, even though Callie got pregnant with Mark’s baby. Callie fights her family to try to respect her love for Arizona. Then, Arizona loses her leg after a plane crash that kills Mark and Lexie, causing the couple many problems. However, they appear to be a couple who can survive anything as they begin to reconnect.

That’s until Callie is cheated again. Arizona is courted by Lauren Boswell (Hilarie Burton) in an elevator, which then leads to a brief one-night stand. Callie is again seen trying to forgive the affair, like she did with George and Izzy, but eventually it gets too much to bear.

After a counseling session that stipulates that Arizona and Callie are not to talk or be intimate for 30 days, Callie rediscovers herself. This leads to a nasty child custody affair and a lot of hurt feelings as the two characters go their separate ways. This is spurred on by Callie who finds another new love interest, Penny (Samantha Sloyan), and wants to move across the country with her.

True towards Grey’s Anatomy twists and turns, Arizona Robbins leaves the series in season 14. He comes on the tail of Arizona deciding to send their daughter, Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres (played by Eva Ariel Binder) to live with Callie. Arizona and Callie are friendly in their discussions again and Penny is no longer with Callie, so Arizona leaves Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital to presumably rekindle her relationship with Callie.

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