Gloria Romero’s support for Larry Elder makes no sense


For the publisher: I read with interest Robin Abcarian’s column about former Democratic state Gloria Romero’s bizarre support for Larry Elder. Romero says his support stems from a feeling that the Democratic Party should be held accountable.

I agree that Governor Gavin Newsom’s French Laundry Dinner was hypocritical and stupid, and I also agree that the California Democratic Party made a huge mistake by not allowing a viable Democrat on the ballot. vote. However, hasn’t Romero given some thought to the implications for public schools of actually electing Elder?

If Elder uses his executive power to stop schools from imposing vaccines, tests or masks, schools will turn into plague factories, especially since this election coincides with the start of flu season. At this point, all families who can afford to remove their unvaccinated children from public schools will do so, and those schools will lose the associated funding.

Families who cannot afford to attend homeschool or send their children to a private school will have no choice but to continue to send their children into these deadly traps as autumn turns into winter.

There are a lot of things the California Democratic Party could do better. If elected, Elder wouldn’t do any of these things. Romero’s support for him is puzzling.

Lorelei Laird, Los Angeles


For the publisher: I am a longtime Democrat and retired teacher who shares Romero’s outrage at our state’s failure to educate Latino students and other minorities. I am also upset by a Democratic Party captive of teachers’ unions, which despite their protests cares more about their members than the students.

But I part ways with her for her support of Elder. Nothing from this former or any Republican defender will help the students. As compromised as Democrats are, students are better served by a Democrat than a sitting Republican.

Having said that, I hope this recall will leave a Newsom in power and serve as a wake-up call to the Democratic Party.

Karin Costello, Santa Monica

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