Greed, revenge or chaos? Giving meaning to Safin’s master plan in “No time to die”



No time to die tries to tie together most of the main plot threads of the last four Daniel Craig James bond movies, but in doing so, it leaves much of its own plot unexplained.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the entirety of No Time To Die.

As the film draws to a close, we learn that Safin (played by Rami Malek) has adapted Project Heracles to make a DNA-targeted chemical weapon that could wipe out millions of people around the world. The problem is, the movie never explains why he would want to do this.

The bar on Bind the motivations of the bad guys are quite weak, but No time to die can’t get past it. He doesn’t seem to be doing it for the money, for example, and seems to have no interest in taking over the world.

So what exactly is Safin’s plan? The film providing no good answer, News weekEntertainment writers theorize why the bad guy does what he does.

Theory 1: Playing with Bond

One reading of the plan is that the whole thing is a big trap that Safin sets for Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) and Bond.

A brief recap of Safin’s history. As a young boy, his parents were poisoned by Swann’s father. In revenge, Safin murdered this man’s wife. After a young Madeleine falls into the ice, however, he has a moment of pity and saves her.

In the years that followed, it seems Safin regrets saving this child’s life. Of course, he had many opportunities to kill her (such as when he visited her office), but under typical conditions Bind In villain fashion, he hatched an overly elaborate plan to get revenge instead.

Rami Malek plays the big bad Lyutsifer Safin in “No Time To Die”.
Eon Productions

This plan is to lure Bond into his lair with Project Heracles. However, the murder of millions of people is just a potential side effect of his real plan: to bring Bond to his lair, so that he can either force him to watch the child he had with Swann murdered, or poison him so that he can never see Swann or his daughter again without killing them.

You might think that killing millions of people is a pretty important thing to have as a side effect of your plan, but a) it’s Bind villain logic and b) he never intends to let out the virus. He expects Bond to save the day and prevent Project Heracles from launching and, in so doing, destroy the life of Madeleine Swann.

-Samuel Spencer

Theory 2: Revenge against Madeleine Swann

A good Bind The villain often begins his arc with mysterious intentions that become clearer as 007 investigates. The plan is ultimately explained via a classically cliched awkward exhibition that we now know as the Villain’s Monologue. Unfortunately for Malek’s Safin, even with lengthy soliloquies, his motivation to kill millions remains unclear and unclear.

Typically, movie villains get their hands on a powerful weapon and sell it to the highest bidder, which would have made sense in the case of Project Heracles. Money was never mentioned by Safin, however, and a man who owns his own luxurious private island does not appear to be motivated by money.

The production of No Time to Die Again
Rami Malek as Safin in “No Time to Die”. He has a fictional lair, which was shot in the Faroe Islands.

The fact that Safin’s story is explained by other characters makes audiences wonder if his plan is motivated by revenge. Maybe the murder of millions of people across Europe will avenge his family somehow? Maybe his killing is a revenge against Madeleine Swann who had the audacity to go on living when Safin saved her life?

Or maybe he’s just a lazily written character who needed to do something wrong so the audience had someone to collectively root for?

– Jamie Burton

Theory 3: Become a mainspring of crime

The most logical reason for Safin’s plot is to become the next big underworld player, especially since he killed the entire SPECTER organization in one fell swoop.

However, Safin doesn’t seem to want to rule the world because after destroying SPECTER and triggering Blofeld’s death, the villain does absolutely nothing.

So, if it’s not for the money, and it’s not for power, the only other reason Safin could possibly set up this plot is a sense of twisted love for Madeleine.

As a young man, Safin chose to save his life rather than shut it down, and he went on to claim that the act bound them for life.

And when he kidnaps her and Mathilde, he tells the child that he will take care of her, suggesting that he wants to be her father figure and, in turn, be with Madeleine.

But even that doesn’t seem like the right reason.

-Roxy Simons

No Time To Die is now available in theaters around the world.

No time to die Léa Seydoux
Léa Seydoux returns in the role of Madeleine Swann while Daniel Craig plays for the last time James Bond in “No Time To Die”.
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