Grey’s Anatomy confirms Jackson and April are back together


The following contains spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy Season 18, Episode 20, “You Are the Blood,” which airs Thursday, May 26 on ABC.

Jackson Avery and April Kepner discovered for the first time Grey’s Anatomy fans in Season 6, during the infamous Seattle Grace Mercy West merger. During their time together on the show, they went through many ups and downs in their relationship before finally divorcing in season 11. April then left the show in the season 14 finale to marry her ex. -Fiance, Matthew.

It seemed like things were definitely over between April and Jackson after she left the hospital and he stayed. Then, when Jackson left the show at the end of season 17, April made an appearance and revealed that she and Matthew were no longer together. Jackson and April later moved to Boston together, agreeing to live together and co-parent Harriet. Now, Jackson and April have returned for a guest appearance, and they’re officially confirmed to be back together.

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In Grey’s Anatomy400th Episode, Season 18, Episode 20, “You Are the Blood”, Jackson and April briefly return to Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital. Jackson, on behalf of the Avery Foundation, tries to convince Jamarah Blake to let the hospital retain its accreditation. Unfortunately, he fails and the hospital has to abandon its residents by the end of the episode. April, on the other hand, ends up having to work in the pit due to an emergency blood shortage.

Jackson, April, and Harriet are also there to visit Catherine, who asks Jackson and April to give her praise early in the episode. Catherine then discovers that her tumor is shrinking, and Jackson and April are thankfully there to celebrate with her. After a long and exhausting day at work containing a shortage of blood, several patient deaths and the resignation of three surgeons, April and Jackson leave together. It is then in the elevator, a few minutes into the episode, that Jackson and April kiss, confirming that they are finally back together.

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Jackson and April are one of the most beloved couples among Grey’s Anatomy fans, right up there with Meredith and Derek, Callie and Arizona, and Mark and Lexie. Like those other couples, Jackson and April didn’t get their happy endings initially. They had a classic, epic Grey’s Anatomy love story, with a jaw-dropping moment in season 10 when Jackson stood up and confessed his love for April at her wedding to Matthew.

After April left Matthew at the altar to be with Jackson, fans thought they would be together until the end of the series, but heartbreak and religion drove them apart. Now, it seems, exactly ten seasons after their first kiss, April and Jackson are officially back together. With Grey’s Anatomy‘s background with relationships, it’s unclear what might happen in the future. However, neither of them are regulars on the show anymore, so it looks like Jackson and April truly got their happy endings.

Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy is now available to stream on Hulu, with seasons 1-17 available to stream on Netflix. Season 19 will air on ABC this fall.

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