“Grey’s Anatomy” fans still disappointed with Meredith’s grand prize


In the Grey’s Anatomy Universe, there is one thing that everyone is striving to achieve. It’s the elusive Harper Avery Award, also known as the Catherine Fox Award, that is proof that a surgeon goes beyond the call of duty with innovative thinking to succeed.

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Gray | Mike Rosenthal via Getty Images

In Season 14, Episode 7, “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” the elusive reward is given to Dr. Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo). However, many fans are disappointed with the grand prize awarded to him.

What did Meredith do to earn the honor of a Harper Avery Award?

In season 14, Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer) made her first appearance on Grey’s Anatomy. She was the sister of Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and the fiancee of Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson). Until this appearance, it was assumed that Megan had died when her plane was shot down 10 years earlier.

Instead, she shows up, badly injured from a wound that had never healed. Most of his abdomen was missing. Meredith came up with the idea of ​​performing an abdominal wall transplant, using the stomach of a corpse of similar skin color.

The operation was a success and the last time we saw Megan she was traveling to Los Angeles to live out her life with Nathan and her adopted son Farouk (Bardia Seiri).

Why some fans think Harper Avery was disappointing

A fan went to Reddit to talk about Harper Avery and said that although it was “supposed to be a massive achievement and yet it doesn’t sound so grand.” Their reasoning was that she had won it for abdominal wall surgery, but later in the season, she creates mini-livers, which would have been more worthy of the award. This is a comment to which several others have responded.

This is not the first time that there has been speculation that Meredith has won the prestigious award. Many believe this was a plot hole, as Meredith herself admitted that no one working at Gray-Sloan Hospital could take home the award.

Fans wonder why she brought it home when Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) was denied one for being in a hospital associated with the Harper Avery Foundation. She also won it for an operation that had already been performed twice before.

There is also speculation in the post that Christina may have deserved it more for her printed conduct. However, it is also voiced that Christina ultimately got something better than an award when she received a hospital in Switzerland.

The Truth Behind Victory: Was It Deserved?

With the absolution of the Harper Avery Foundation and the start of the Catherine Fox Foundation, the rules have changed regarding the award. However, Meredith had already had her prize, as it is mentioned that she worked too hard and wanted to regain it.

It came as the scandal involving the abuse of women by Harper Avery came to light and proves that there may have been some validity behind the conspiracy thought. However, Meredith is the main character of the series, which puts her on a pedestal in many ways.

She won her award in the series’ 300th episode, and it was used to show off her growth as a surgeon. At that point, we see her as the dedicated surgeon, the single mom, the woman who pushed her way from the bottom up, just like her mom Ellis Gray (Kate Burton) did.

Since the 300th episode was also meant to be a flashback to everything Meredith had been through, all the characters we want to get back on the show, etc. It’s fitting to watch her grow up and the fact that she saw Ellis applaud her. was also important because she had spent a lot of time until then trying to meet her mother’s high expectations of her.

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