Grey’s Anatomy has a real nurse who appeared more than Patrick Dempsey


Real-life nurse BokHee An has appeared in 18 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and her role remains uncredited, highlighting the series’ nursing issues.

Grey’s Anatomy has propelled many careers, from previously unknown actors like Ellen Pompeo to reviving the careers of former teenage stars like Patrick Dempsey, but one uncredited actor had a stellar and rewarding medical career long before medical drama hit it. make famous. Corn Grey’s Anatomy publicized many of its fictional surgeons, the series struggled to include stories that include nurses. Unlike emergency first responders, who are often drawn into the stories of trauma patients and eventually given their own series with Post 19Grey-Sloan’s nursing staff got very little screen time.


Throughout its eighteen seasons, Grey’s Anatomy brought to life the harrowing and fast-paced career choices faced by surgeons, with little heed to the nurses who assist them in everything from triaging patients to actively saving lives. Beyond a few Grey’s Anatomy From the trademark romances that happened (and didn’t last) between nurses and surgeons, nurses have been an underdeveloped source of stories and characters for hospital drama. This is especially discouraging given the ongoing pandemic and resulting nursing crisis.

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One nurse in particular, senior surgical nurse BokHee (played by uncredited actress BokHee An) played a vital role in more Grey’s Anatomy episodes as series favorites like the now controversial Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh or Sara Ramirez. Little BokHee, who like Chandra Wilson’s Dr. Bailey uses a step stool during surgery, is also known by her Americanized name, Kathy C. An. A former nurse from Los Angeles, BokHee worked in the medical field while filming the first 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. According to its website (, An was born in South Korea but moved to the United States in the 1960s. She worked in both neurosurgery and cardiothoracic surgery, before retiring from nursing in 2015. In addition to her long career in healthcare, she has appeared in more than 263 episodes (via IMDB) of Grey’s Anatomyas well as other TV shows like Doogie Howser, MD, Six feet Under groundand Private practice.

Nurse Bokhee in the OR with Dr Bailey Grey's Anatomy

BokHee – and all of his nursing colleagues at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital – deserve to have their story told, as do the doctors they assist. If his Instagram account with 630k followers and hilarious “Queen Bok Hee” the goods are any indication, Grey’s Anatomy can only benefit from showcasing its incredible scrub nurse and real-life hero. With Grey’s Anatomy entering her nineteenth year, this is perhaps the best time to amplify the roles and storylines of the nurses who saved lives alongside her surgeons, especially lead nurse BokHee An, who deserves to be credited. be commended for her decades-long role.

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