Grey’s Anatomy is planning a Jackson and April spin-off (but will it happen?)


Since his departure Grey’s Anatomy, Jackson, and April have made appearances on the show, and their most recent return could be proof that a spinoff is in the works for the characters. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and April Kepner (Sarah Drew) are among the most beloved couples in Grey’s Anatomy, and viewers have been eagerly anticipating the potential for a spinoff since leaving the show. With Meredith’s upcoming move to Boston, where Jackson and April live, that potential just got a whole lot stronger.


After April’s departure Grey’s Anatomy in the Season 14 finale and married Matthew, any chance for Jackson and April to reconcile after their Season 12 divorce seemed ruined. However, with End of season 17 of Jackson, “Japril” found hope, as April agreed to move with Jackson and their daughter to Boston. Season 18 saw them return, this time as a reconciled couple. Grey’s Anatomy season 19, episode 5, “When I Get to the Border”, was directed by Jesse Williams, and although Sarah Drew did not appear in the episode, Williams told viewers via Instagram to “watch closely for a consolation prizeThis was shown on camera lingering over a photo of Jackson and April together in their daughter’s bedroom, suggesting that not only are they still doing well, but there is also a future for them. two on screen.

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How a Jackson & April spinoff would work

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Many people left Grey’s Anatomy and Seattle over the years, and Boston is now home to multiple characters, with Meredith set to be the next addition. When Jackson and April moved out, just like Koracick, also gone in season 17, and Catherine, both of whom appeared in the recent episode. This would create a solid core of familiar characters through which to craft a spinoff, along with Jackson and April. The story of Grey’s Anatomy also has strong ties to Boston, as it’s where Ellis and Meredith went after moving from Seattle as a child and where Maggie grew up after being given up for adoption. This would offer a lot of potential for crossovers between the spin-off and Grey’s Anatomywhich has been the focus of showrunner Krista Vernoff as she continues to build Grey’s universe with its current fallout, Post 19.

The spin-off wouldn’t have a central hospital where doctors would work, like Gray Sloan Memorial, but rather the Catherine Fox Foundation, which would distinguish it from the surgical drama while remaining focused on medical research. Meredith moved to Boston to work on Alzheimer’s disease research, and the foundation, which is now headed by Jackson, controls about 30% of hospitals in the United States. A spin-off could provide a closer look at what goes on in the running of the foundation, which has provided some interesting storylines in previous seasons. Like all shows Grey’s Anatomy universe, this new show would likely still fall into the procedural category with a healthy dose of personal drama, something Jackson and April have proven to have tons of in the past.

What was said about a possible spinoff

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Grey’s Anatomy had three related spinoffs, and Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams favor adding a fourth to the list. Drew said People in 2021 that a spin-off of Jackson and April”wwould be a really interesting and fun story to tell and that she”wouldn’t rule that out as a possibility.” Drawn left Grey’s Anatomy in 2018, but her reappearances showed there was more to April’s story, and viewers expressed they would love to see it. Like Williams said InitiatedIf it’s a matter of fan love, we’d already be in episode eight right now.“The actor-director added that fans”deserve the Jackson and April Grey’s Anatomy fallout they desire, and he and Sarah had”won this too.

However, Jonnie Davis, president of production company ABC Signature, said Deadline last year that there was “no conversations about a spin-off for now, after previously suggesting they were looking at one. Whether those conversations have changed over the past year remains to be seen, but recent events point to that possibility. With Grey’s Anatomy breathless, a Jackson and April spinoff would be a great way to keep the universe alive.

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