Grey’s Anatomy: One of Alex Karev’s Best Kept Secrets in Medical Drama



As in any famous program, the production of Grey’s Anatomy has been characterized by its excellence when it comes to showing on screen its interesting stories performed by a talented cast. For this, he spared no effort and resources to direct his scenes, as happened with the introduction of the character of Alex Karev played by actor Justin Chambers.

Not everyone knows Chambers was the only original cast member who was cast into the medical drama at the last minute, so much so that the production had to resort to technology and do a special edition to add it. digitally in his first scene in the pilot episode, as he was not present in the original recordings. This is the real reason audiences noticed something different when they first saw Alex Karev on screen.

The explanation of this curious fact is simple, it is after the recording of the pilot episode of Grey’s Anatomy that its writers proposed a male character who would counterbalance the Dr George O’Malley played by the actor TR Knight, they therefore used CGI images. (images or computer generated images) to add Alex Karev to the narrative of the series with Ellen Pompeo.

While the idea of ​​introducing the character was due to the need to increase the male presence in the medical drama a bit, as there were a lot of women, it ultimately turned out to be a real hit since the arc. Karev’s evolutionary in Grey’s Anatomy was one of the most popular in the series, until his abrupt, commented-out start in Season 16.

The most fervent fans of Grey’s Anatomy still remember the controversial departure of Justin Chambers without giving themselves the opportunity to close his story. It later became known that the actor had new artistic endeavors such as producing documentaries and was focusing on taking better care of his health. In 2019 some media reported that the interpreter of Dr. Alex Karev had entered a luxury rehabilitation center to treat his problems of stress and depression.

Karev’s departure was not at all planned, it surprised the writers of Grey’s Anatomy. So they had no choice but to design an outlet for the character that was not well received by the audience. The doctor sent three letters, one to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), another to Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and a final one to his wife Jo (Camilla Luddington). The reason given by the production, and not at all believable in the opinion of the fans, is that he was still in love with Izzie (Katherin Heigl) who, we remember, left the series in the sixth season.



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