Grey’s Anatomy Recap Season 18 Episode 4


Grey’s Anatomy

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Season 18

Episode 4

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3 stars

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Meredith Gray is not the only one who wants to revolutionize medicine today. Richard Webber is officially back as residency program director at Gray Sloan, and the man has some notes. The pandemic has exposed and exacerbated the ongoing physician shortage problem, and knowing it will only get worse over time, Webber wants them to find ways to adapt. He brings Catherine to the hospital to observe, he calls his two girlfriends Bailey and Meredith to the skills lab where the residents wait, and he introduces the Webber Method. He’ll have residents perform 12 rounds (gallbladder removal) on their own as three assistants – him, Bailey and Meredith – enter and leave the operating rooms to be there for the most important parts. complexes of the surgery, and then once that part is cleared, move on to the next operating room and the next lap. It’s not as exciting as this domino kidney transplant surgery orchestrated by Bailey, but what is it, honestly?

Obviously, it is risky to throw all residents into the operating room without constant supervision, but Webber believes the need to “work smarter, not harder” is necessary for survival (although terrifying to think of it from the point of view of patient view – I wish my surgeons worked both smarter and harder, okay?). Meredith is very pro at getting residents out of the lab and into the operating room, but Bailey is the one who needs to be convinced. She has a hard time trusting ‘kids with scalpels’, which is a great instinct to have in life, in general, but Meredith reminds her that they’ve all been kids with scalpels once and these baby birds must fly at some point.

The Webber method ends up working pretty well! Schmitt is very good in the OR, and Webber ends up adding a 13th operation just for fun (and learning purposes, I guess). There’s a little catch: Helm ends up cutting an artery because this woman can’t get any sort of victory on this show, and Bailey arrives, knocks Helm back and saves the day. The patient ends up doing well, and Helm did what she was supposed to do, which was to call for help, so really, everything was a success. Additionally, Bailey was able to give Helm a little heart-to-heart teaching moment later on feeling that fear and horror of making a mistake, because she will remember it and it will make her a better surgeon. . Webber is really killing him these days; may he and Catherine celebrate with more hot and hot sex.

Speaking of revolutionizing medicine, Addison is still here! Unfortunately, things don’t go as well for her as they did with the Webber method. His uterus transplant patient, Tovah, started having seizures and Addison doesn’t know why. She panics and asks for help from Amelia Shepherd. This story is less about Tovah and more about Addison and Amelia who are there for each other, which, very good. See, Addison needs Tovah to be a success, not just so that she can get this transplant successfully, get published, and win awards, although that’s good, but it’s personal to Addison too. Things got bleak for her during the pandemic. She thought of leaving her husband; she couldn’t stand her child after a while; she hated being at home; and, she told Amelia, there were times when the thought of going to sleep and not waking up comforted her. Helping Tovah achieve her dream of having her late husband’s child is what saved her. So she can’t lose it now, and if possible, she wants to save Tovah without removing the uterus she just transplanted.

All of Addison’s garbage comes in because she needs to be distracted from Tovah’s state – she ends up doing well; they discover that her anti-rejection drugs are the root of the seizures, and she will have to be closely watched – and Addison chooses to get to the bottom of Amelia and Link’s breakup. Amelia explains several things we somehow already knew: that going through the pandemic as a new mom and drug addict was awful and that she doesn’t want to get married or have more children. She succinctly sums up her feelings about the breakup: “I hated the life he loved,” she tells Addison. While it might crush Link’s already broken heart, maybe she should be having this conversation WITH LINK. Explain her feelings and decision to her the same way she did to Addison. So maybe we can all get out of this mess forever and ever, amen.

Meanwhile, Owen makes a mess of his veteran / burn-pit situation. Noah introduces him to Roy, another vet who is like a father to him. Roy is leading the charge of taking the VA in regards to the health and safety of soldiers when it comes to exposing them to fire pits. He, like Noah, has pulmonary fibrosis from exposure, but it is much more advanced. It doesn’t take long for Roy to find himself in Gray Sloan. It turns out that he has lung cancer and, together with his pulmonary fibrosis, this makes treatment difficult. They opt for risky surgery to remove the lump on his lung. I mean is Grey’s Anatomy, so around the time his fellow vets walk him into surgery and tell them they have his sixes, you know Roy is screwed. The saddest part of this whole story, however, is just before it sinks, Roy admits he’s the one who gave the order to start the firebox on his base. It’s his fault so many of his soldiers are sick, and that’s what fuels his desire to lead this fight in DC. But Roy ends up dying after the surgery, and Noah blames Owen for getting involved.

Owen decides to get rid of this terrible day by asking Cormac to have a beer with him at Joe’s so that he can get back on his feet before going home with his family. It wouldn’t be noticeable at all, except for the fact that Cormac just spent all day with Megan Hunt, diagnosing her son Farouk with heart disease that will require surgery. Megan wants to keep this between them for now until she’s ready to tell Owen. So this could be a clunky bar block! And, like, I know I’m supposed to worry about Farouk, but I have to believe he’ll be okay eventually, and right now all I really care about here is when the heck are Megan and Cormac who are going to do already?

• Between Grey’s and You, are we currently living in the Scott Speedman – growth? Because as pure and hard Congratulated fan, even though I’m #TeamNoel forever and ever, I feel like I’ve been preparing for this day for a very long time and I. am. Ready. Nick Marsh appears at the end of the episode as Meredith arrives in Minnesota and begins her VERY long drive, and even in those few moments he’s very cute and very affectionate and they go out to dinner again. Take it, Gray!

• Jo is struggling with single mom issues, but realizes she’s doing great when she gives birth to another single mom who is afraid to do it on her own. This woman is not alone, and Jo is not alone, and everything is fine, I guess. Jo needs something much more interesting to get involved with ASAP.

• Bailey’s reactions to Catherine and Webber’s sexual innuendos never get old.

• Dang, Nico and her “rock star boyfriend” Schmitt keep the Grey’s Anatomy the connections of the on-call room and the supply closet are perfect and tight.

• Can we get Maggie Pierce back?


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