‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Season 19, Episode 2 – “I Didn’t Expect This”


On the Thursday menu Grey’s Anatomy was what appeared be a simple case of food poisoning butthis being Grey’s Anatomy, turned out to be anything but. Could the new class of residents rise to the challenge of solving the medical mystery? And how did Nick’s changes to the program turn out? Read on and, as if you didn’t already know, find out.

“TWO TRAINEES MAKE ONE DOCTOR” | At the start of “Wasn’t Expecting That”, Simone’s (Marla Gibbs) grandmother gave her a TV remote for her lunch, Jules learned that Mika lived in his van, Amelia learned that Lucas lived in the guard room (and invited him to move into Mer’s), and Gray was surprised that Nick was actually doing the residential counselor job without hanging around like a love-struck pup. Speaking of Nick, he introduced Schmitt to the newbies as the new Chief Resident. His best advice? “Don’t drop anything inside a patient.”

Reporting for Owen’s department, Mika learned that Hunt was married to Teddy, she was the new head of trauma since he could only work under the supervision of an assistant, and he was in super hot water. with his wife. So yes, a fun service to do! (Also, ticked Teddy is hilarious.) Things were so heated between the newlyweds that one patient’s wife scolded, “We should have gone to Seattle Pres.” (And that was before we found out her better half had shoved her cell phone up her ass because she never put it down!) Mika begged Levi not to make her work with the velociraptor Teddy, but he did not move. Desperate for backup, Schmitt ran to Joe and begged Helm to quit his job as a bartender and come back to work. No way, she said. She made more money selling beer. Back at the hospital, Teddy confessed to Webber that yes, she drank three goddamn glasses of wine a night, and so would he if he was married to Owen.

‘I’M THE GUY WHO KILLED HIS COLLEGE COLLEGE; THERE WILL BE PODCASTS ABOUT ME’ | At the pit, Simone and Jules treated two guys who had trouble not throwing up everywhere. Oh – and Chase, the worse off of the two, was Nolan “Luke” Gould from modern family; it’s been a minute! He didn’t just have a stomach ache, he also had a terrible rash, Mer discovered as she glanced at it. Soon the patient became unresponsive and began bleeding, seemingly randomly. “What’s wrong with this kid?” Gray exclaimed. And therein lies the $64,000 question. She consulted Richard and Teddy, then tasked the interns with finding the answer she couldn’t.

Shortly after, Link informed Jules and Mer that Chase’s leg would have to be amputated – and millin was going to do it. “Are you hitting on me?” she asked when she discovered he had written “CUT THIS LEG, NOT THIS LEG” on the patient. He wasn’t, he insisted. He was a supportive teacher. As Chase’s roommate told Simone everything he knew about her pal, she guessed he hadn’t had all his shots. What was killing him, she realized, was…something you wouldn’t think I could spell. Throughout this time, Mer and Richard wondered (but not necessarily disturbs) the changes Nick was making to the residency program. If he had moved to Seattle for Grey, Webber assured him, she was worth it.

Grays Anatomy Recap Season 19 Episode 2 Didn't Expect This“WHEN WINSTON GETS IRRITATED, HE TALKS LIKE SCISSORS” | As Winston continued to chafe working under Maggie, the tension grew so high that even Amelia noticed. In the end, Pierce apologized to her husband for constantly taking her out of business, and they made peace. Amelia, helping find an apartment for Lucas, accidentally gave Blue the impression that they were sleeping together. (They’re aunt and nephew, you’ll recall.) Picnic with Bailey, Pru and Luna, Jo was dismayed to realize that Miranda didn’t want to be her mother friend, she wanted information about what was going on at home. ‘hospital . Bailey was especially annoyed to learn that the changes she had tried to make to the residency program were now being implemented…under Nick. (Oh, and she did consider Jo a mom friend as well as a mole.) As the episode was coming to an end, the guy who had just had a phone removed from his coded ass, and Owen had Mika wrap it up, so technically (?) he didn’t treat a patient unsupervised. After calling Richard to supervise him, Owen vented his issues with how much Teddy resented him and how badly she treated him. Chase, if not his leg, was saved thanks to Simone’s quick thinking. Mer encouraged Griffith to be there for Jules, who was very disappointed after problems arose during Chase’s amputation. (Oh, and Meningococcus – that was what it had; thanks, Google.)

Finally, Mer confronted Nick about the fact that he hadn’t said two words to her since entering Gray Sloan. Their conversation didn’t go far before Owen intervened and begged not to work with Teddy anymore – couldn’t he be a teacher instead? Of course he could, it was decided. Picking up on her conversation with Nick, Mer explained that “I went numb” after a shitty day, “and you didn’t have my back.” That was why she hadn’t called him in six months. She was still in love with him though. “So if that’s what you need to hear, I’ll say it as many times as you need to hear.” In response, he invited her to dinner. She replied by inviting him to Zola’s big presentation. Aw, and the little girl choked up during her presentation about her grandmother, Ellis, when she realized her mother and Aunt Maggie were also at risk of Alzheimer’s disease and death. And Back at Gray Sloan, Blue blurted out to the residents that Lucas was sleeping with Amelia. Not wanting to reveal their real connection, Adams remained a mom.

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