Grey’s Anatomy season 18: why will Meredith end up with Hayes?


Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 updates: The creators of Grey’s Anatomy appear to be establishing Dr. Cormac Hayes as Meredith’s potentially ideal love mate as the series continues to follow her.

The writers of Grey’s Anatomy appear to be establishing Dr. Cormac Hayes as Meredith’s perhaps ideal romantic partner as the series continues to chronicle her life and profession. The hit medical drama has a long history of introducing beautiful new to its eponymous character – after all, the first episode began in the middle of Meredith’s first night with Derek Shepherd. Meredith’s love entanglements have been rare and, for the most part, brief since Derek’s unexpected death in Season 11. Could Dr. Hayes aka “McWidow” change everything before the series ends?

Considering the two’s early encounters, such a request would have seemed almost absurd to many. Hayes, who previously worked with Cristina Yang in Switzerland, transferred to the pediatric surgery department at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, eventually becoming chief of pediatric surgery following the unexpected departure of Alex Karev from the show. Almost immediately, the Irish surgeon clashed with Meredith, frequently questioning her medical judgments and ignoring her famous Harper Avery Award win.

Hayes, like so many other earlier and original characters from Grey’s Anatomy, turned out to be more than he looked. Meredith and the public have gradually learned more about the recent history of the newcomer, who left him a single parent following the terrible loss of his late wife, Abigail.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Meredith reunites with Hayes

The show’s writers periodically incorporated flashback scenes to help complement Hayes’ background, transforming the initially cold guy Meredith met into a considerably more likeable and approachable character. In summary, Hayes’ story, which exhibits unwavering endurance in the face of enormous personal tragedy, parallels that of Meredith.

Narratively, the concept of a Meredith-Cormac couple is appealing due to their shared experience and proven tenacity. Because the earlier arc of the first revolved heavily around Meredith and Derek (the drama “Will they or won’t they,” their professional skill and, later, the handling of her death), her specter is still important. . in the series, and a conclusion in which Meredith ends up with someone else may be difficult for some fans to reconcile.

However, given Hayes’ personal experience with grieving, he will be the first to recognize that he can never fully replace Derek, just as Meredith can never fully replace Abigail. Instead, with each other, they can have the freedom to seek new pleasure while also remembering the partners who, although gone, helped form them.

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All of this doesn’t mean that Dr Meredith Gray needs to find love before the program ends – she’s a brilliant surgeon, a great person and the glue that holds her family and her city together. Grey’s Anatomy season 17 didn’t so subtly pair up several of its other lead actors, however, perhaps for the sake of a series recap. Jackson moved to Boston with his ex-wife, April. Schmidt and Nico, Catherine and Richard, Teddy and Owen, and Catherine and Richard have all reconciled. Maggie married Winston in a beautiful, sunny wedding. So, with so many characters having their happiness forever, why shouldn’t Meredith have hers too?

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With so many seasons of Grey’s Anatomy under our belt, it’s easy to forget that much of the show’s initial plot was designed to pit Meredith against her dying mother. Ellis Gray, a skilled surgeon, kept everyone away from her, effectively dying on her own. With much of Season 17 focused on Meredith’s personal fight for life and death, it’s no surprise that she was surrounded by a small army of individuals who loved and respected her.

Meredith Gray is an award-winning surgeon and an exceptional physician despite her personal connections. Instead, they empower him, coupled with his enthusiasm and willingness to occasionally break the rules to do what’s right. If the series ends with Meredith’s happy marriage to Hayes, it can be compelling proof that, unlike her mother, she is capable of having it all. She definitely deserved it after so many years of struggle, development and tragedy.


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