‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star and Subaru team up to help Camden schools


One of the stars of a popular TV show teamed up with Subaru to adopt Camden classrooms. Jesse Williams stars in “Grey’s Anatomy”, and is, according to 6 ABC Philadelphia, a former teacher and Temple elder, therefore joined forces with AdoptaClassroom.org was a natural for him. He and Subaru have adopted all grades from Kindergarten to Grade 5 in the Camden City School District.

“Subaru has donated almost 300,000 science books to schools. It’s a really big deal,” said Williams. “As a teacher, I know how grateful I would be to get that kind of support. Teachers spend around $ 700 a year on their own money, which they often cannot afford. We already know they are underpaid. stationery? They shouldn’t have to do this.

The partnership is part of the “Subaru Loves Learning” initiative that the automaker is spearheading; The joint effort will impact more than 3,280 students and 150 classrooms in eight different schools in the Camden City School District.

According to a press release, For the past 10 years, Subaru has partnered with the Camden City School District, providing support to students and educators. As a result, 203 scholarships have been awarded to senior graduates since 2016, funds have been allocated to ensure that laptops are available to all students and that online learning continues to advance.

Camden City School District Superintendent Katrina McCombs told 6 ABC Philadelphia that teachers, with input from students, will decide how best to allocate funds to their classrooms.

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