Grey’s Anatomy Subtly Made Deluca’s Story Much More Tragic


Grey’s Anatomy’s Deluca was one of the few examples of non-toxic masculinity on the show, and his exit leaves a void for the show to fill.

Grey’s Anatomy has a long history of coaxing tragedy out of its characters’ lives, but Andrew Deluca’s exit may have hidden a particularly subtle tragedy from viewers. From his complicated love life to his mental health crisis, Deluca suffered a lot during the seven seasons he was on the show. And although audiences said goodbye to Deluca in Season 17, her tenure on the show left an indelible mark on the remaining characters.

Played by Giacomo Gianniotti, Andrew Deluca began his stay at Grey-Sloan with a misunderstanding, which has long colored his interactions at the hospital. Just as he was settling in, another misconception led Alex to assault (and nearly kill) Andrew, an incident that could have ended both surgeons’ careers. And when he recovered from the assault, Deluca reconnected with his former love, Sam Bello, but the curse of love on Grey’s Anatomy struck again. Sam was threatened with deportation and had to leave for Switzerland. Corn Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t done with Andrew Deluca yet. His family life – including his father’s failing mental health and the contentious relationship between him and his sister, Carina – was tumultuous. Her time on the show was a rollercoaster of extremes that only exacerbated her own mental illness.


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But Andrew Deluca’s real tragedy wasn’t his own mental illness, traumatic life experiences, broken heart or even death. The most tragic thing about Deluca’s exit from the show was that he was one of the few truly healthy examples of masculinity on Grey’sand the show desperately needs that representation. Grey’s Anatomy is no stranger to controversy. Even fan favorites like Derek Shepherd and Richard Weber have a history of feminization, acting out of anger, and misbehaving. But Andrew was sweet and kind, and his compassion and decency were never more evident than in the Season 12 finale, “Family Affair,” and the episodes that follow, involving the assault and recovery of ‘Andrew, as well as the lead role. until Alex’s trial.

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In “Family Affair”, Jo confessed to Andrew the truth that she was still married to an abusive man. She was living under an assumed name, and even though she desperately wanted to marry Alex, she couldn’t, and she was afraid to tell him why because she feared Alex’s temper was getting the better of him. Andrew listened. He was protecting her from drunks in the bar who might take advantage of a woman like her. He made sure she got home safely, brought her water and medicine for her hangover, and helped her into bed. He was a good man, although he was beginning to have feelings for Jo. But more importantly, after Alex nearly beat him to death, Andrew never betrayed Jo’s trust. He didn’t tell anyone the secret she had confided to him. He didn’t blame her at all. He protected her trust, and eventually when he realized the trial would force Jo to come clean about her past and put her in danger from her abusive husband, he dropped the charges to clear Alex’s name. , giving up his own revenge to protect Jo’s. secret.

Grey’s Anatomy has spent nearly two decades torturing and traumatizing its characters, and there’s no indication it plans to slow down anytime soon. The series has given viewers great loves, gruesome deaths, and everything in between. But one thing the show didn’t give much of was really good, really decent male characters. The tragic end of Andrew Deluca on Grey’s Anatomy was doubly tragic because his release leaves a void in male representation that seems all the greater because he no longer fills it.

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