Grey’s Anatomy’s Hilarie Burton Morgan recalls Markie Post as he dies at 70


While popular American actor Markie Post recently died of cancer at the age of 70, actress Hilarie Burton has revealed how “devastated” is not a strong enough word to describe her. feelings. She even recalled some of the fond memories she had with the late actor Markie Post and revealed how “kind” she is.

Hearts on fire Markie Post is deceased, Hilarie Burton remembers good times with her

Grey’s Anatomy fame, Hilarie Burton Morgan recently took to her Instagram account and shared a bunch of happy memories captured on camera with late actor Markie Post. In the caption, she wrote a heartwarming note about how knowing Markie Post was falling head over heels for her. She further revealed how she received a call the other day informing her of the actor’s passing and recalled how they had spent a magical summer together making a movie in Louisiana in 2013. In addition, she recalled : “@tylerhilton and I got together for the first time since OTH, and Markie was chosen as my mom. When Tyler’s girlfriend came to stay with us during the shoot (Megan), he confessed to us that she was “the only one” and Markie and I had so much fun knowing this cute blonde girl. Our little band went everywhere together. Markie bought us all the harmonica necklaces and we broke into Old Susanna at all moment. Markie came to my apartment and read books to my son and nurtured me as a young mother. “

Declaring how good she was at loving people, Grey’s Anatomy actor said, “It came so easily for her. The way she talked about her husband and her daughters… I wanted to be loved like that. I wanted to LOVE like this. I am not eloquent because I am deeply sad. But I have dozens of letters from this magical woman where she calls me things like “my darling daughter”. She was gentle with me and made me feel safe and seen. Especially in an industry where being a girl was sometimes a danger. I could let my guard down with her. She was the perfect mix of lady and lady, a master of household arts… but also quick to call someone out of her shit. ”.

While recalling how they became TV sisters, she added, “She was the kind of person everyone considered their dear friend because I don’t think she knew how to be less than that. . But to her husband Michael and to her daughters Kate and Daisy… thank you for sharing it with us. Loving him has been a joy.

Many artists in the industry left messages of condolence for the late actor Markie Post and cherished the way she had a beautiful soul. Even many fans mourned the loss of the actor and dropped heartfelt messages in the comments. Take a look at some of them-

Markie Post


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