Heartland schools get communication boards for students with special needs


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – Several Heartland schools are getting their playground equipment upgrades with new communication boards.

The playground equipment is offered by the SEMO speech therapy clinic and is intended for students with special needs.

We caught up with leaders from SEMO’s Communication Disorders Department as they donated two of the communication signs to elementary schools in Cape Girardeau.

“It’s a way for kids who may not be speaking to communicate,” said SEMO Communication Disorders Instructor Emily Obergoenner. “They can now communicate with a board in the playground. So it’s just a way to provide access and communication for everyone.

The school’s speech therapy teachers say it’s a great way to be able to communicate with students who don’t have their communication devices with them when they’re on the playground.

“It will be an access for them to be able to communicate while they are here outside,” said Angie Haggerty. “Because they don’t always take their speakers outside with them. So if they don’t have them on the outside or if their caller dies or something, they can use this chart instead to help communicate their wants and needs while they’re playing here on the field. game.”

“A lot of the time our kids don’t bring their communication devices here just because they can easily get broken or damaged,” Rachel Hearnes said. “So it’s really going to bridge that gap for them so they can communicate with their friends and their peers and everything.”

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