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Rachel Espaillat

“Ultimately it’s about being able to bring that trust and transparency back to the business and then to the end user so they know who’s calling and why,” says Mike Otting, senior vice president of platform and wholesale at First Orion. .

Video transcript:

NCR: In a world where people constantly receive scam calls, brand communication helps the public decipher who is really calling.

First Orion allows customers up to 32 characters of personalized text to personalize each call with a brand name, service or call reason.

Mike Otting, senior vice president of platform and wholesale at First Orion, explains how the company enables partners to help customers identify who they are when they call.

Otting: When you receive a call today on your cell phone, do you know who is calling you? Generally no. Branding allows businesses to put their business name on the phone. Ultimately, it’s about being able to give that trust and transparency back to the business, and then to the end user, so they know who’s calling and why.

NCR: Is there anything First Orion does to really separate phone calls from fraudulent callers?

Otting: Since we are integrated into the network, we are able to identify when calls are coming in. We have a lifetime somewhere on the device to be able to minimize this spoofing ability. So if that call comes in, we know it’s from that bank and it’s also a registered business.

NCR: First Orion has expanded its reach to 280 million mobile and fixed devices nationwide, equivalent to nearly two-thirds of US mobile customers.

Can you talk about the impact this will have on the telecommunications industry?

Otting: Two-thirds is huge. [That’s] 280 million devices. So, since you are a business and want to be able to connect with your customers, you have two-thirds of the market that you are going to cross with First Orion.

NCR: How do you see phone calls evolving?

Otting: The graphical display is going to be the future. You think of a food delivery service, your food is delivered. Well, you can see who it is, who’s calling you, why they’re calling you, and it just gives you a better overall experience with that graphical display.

Rachel Espaillat

Rachael Espaillat is a multimedia journalist who joined CRNtv in December 2021. She interviews CEOs and other IT experts to deliver stories that matter most to channel partners. She can be contacted at [email protected]


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