How Mary Fowler Can Help Sam Kerr Get Even Better


“If you also have a threat in the end line, Sam can focus more on the vertical threat in the end zone. Right now, Sam has to tie up a bit too much and Sam wants to carry the team.


“Sometimes Sam gets too ambitious, wanting to help everywhere – and once the ball goes into the end zone, she’s not there. At Chelsea, she can only be there and nowhere else. Mary can potentially be. one of those that can really help in this direction.

Fowler was quickly dubbed the ‘Next Sam Kerr’ shortly after breaking onto the Australian football scene in 2017, when she made her debut at the age of 15, and announced her intention to become one day the best player in the world.

She now plays at French first division club Montpellier, where she has scored eight goals in 29 appearances, and has become a key player for the Matildas this year.

“What I love about Mary is that she is a young player who is still humble enough to know that she has a lot to learn. But also, she’s confident enough to know that she’s good enough, ”said Gustavsson.


“It’s a very rare combination and that’s what is unique about her. This in itself is one of the success factors for her, because just about the way she behaves and plays it says “I belong here” – but not in an arrogant way.

“And then being humble enough that you always want to learn, whether it’s a video session about what she can do differently, whether it’s connecting with the players at the park – and the only thing that I think is very interesting is seeing the connection start to build on the ground between her and Sam.

Chelsea coach Emma Hayes hailed Kerr as an “honor to Australia” and the best striker in the world after the FA Cup final.

“So many people have wondered how Sam would fare in the English game. As far as I’m concerned, she’s the best striker in the world, ”said Hayes. “She is courageous, she is full of confidence. She is a superb athlete and an incredible human. And she can do it after getting off a plane in Australia on Thursday… She didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night, but she’s erasing things. Champions don’t look for excuses, don’t become victims, and don’t look for someone else to deal with them.

Gustavsson is due to name his squad in the coming weeks for Matildas’ next AFC Women’s Asian Cup campaign in India, which begins on January 21 with a group stage clash against Indonesia.


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