How Small Businesses Can Benefit and Grow Using Cloud Communication


In today’s ever-changing business climate, small business owners need to get what they need when they need it, whether they’re in the office, in the field, on the road, on their laptops , tablets or mobile phones. Users can access data using cloud computing from anywhere with an internet connection. It is a web-based solution that allows customers to access crucial programs and data stored on a remote server from any computer with an Internet connection.

The cloud has transformed the business communications scene, allowing small organizations to access high-quality communications equipment without having to spend a lot of money. Cloud communications are increasingly being used by small businesses to replace conventional phone lines in their offices. There are other reasons why this option is popular and successful besides cost savings.

Here are some key benefits of cloud communications and how they help small organizations grow.

Managing a Mobile and Remote Workforce

Another benefit of cloud communications for small businesses is the ability to serve remote and mobile staff. Users can access their company’s business phone system from almost anywhere as long as they have an internet connection, as it is offered over the internet. Small and medium-sized businesses will thus be able to hire remote workers. They are no longer limited to hiring exclusively in the city. They now have the ability to hire people from all over the world. This provides the organization with greater talent.

Economic solution

Cloud-based communications are an exceptionally cost-effective way to increase a company’s customer engagement and achieve its goals. A business can avoid the expense and inconvenience of installing a typical communications system by using this type of arrangement. This cloud-based system is a great method for small businesses to match the power of their larger counterparts without having to invest more than the bare minimum. These companies only pay for what they need, but they also receive a host of updates and services.

Better use of resources

Businesses can use cloud-based communications to achieve their goal of increased resource utilization. As a result, the systems are often flawless and error-free and therefore do not require the skills of the IT department. They do not require any maintenance as the service provider is responsible for them. Because the company’s communication system is controlled remotely, it frees up valuable resources, including IT staff, to ensure they are used to their full potential.

Delivering automation benefits to businesses is one of the most important elements of a cloud-based solution. Take communication, for example, where cloud-based auto attendants can be used to keep consumers engaged. These attendants can provide information, accept calls, and help keep your business up and running 24/7. Plus, automation saves you money on labor and streamline daily operations.

Unlimited scalability

Most of these services can be tailored to meet your business needs. Growth is inevitable in business, requiring the introduction of more powerful communication technologies. By adding more extensions as needed, cloud systems can handle large amounts of calls. The fact that you only pay for the extensions you use sets these platforms apart from their on-premise counterparts. There is also the convenience of being able to add features as needed, enhancing the functionality of the tool.

Establish your company’s global reputation

As a small business, you may find that your lack of brand recognition prevents you from expanding into new markets. Remember that cloud-based communication technologies are similar to mirrors in that they can make the picture appear larger than it is. Likewise, even your small business can appear more professional, giving validity to your organization. Imagine having a communication platform that automatically answers all your calls and routes them to the right person. It even gives you foreign phone numbers, which can help you build a global presence.


It goes without saying that companies need to communicate in a timely manner. They can’t afford to fall behind by clinging to outdated telephone methods. They need to make the most of the cloud in order to reap all the benefits of living today. Therefore, it is essential to hire Salesforce consulting services and equip your business with cloud-based communication. After all, the cloud is the way to go, and your business can’t afford to ignore or overlook its benefits.

— The author, Shubhendra Agrawal, is co-founder, director and chief financial officer of MSG91, a cloud communications platform. The opinions expressed here are personal.


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