“I gradually accept who I am and make the most of it”


I come from Delhi where I work with a company named TechM. I have completed my postgraduate degree from CCS UNIVERSITY. I have had a musculoskeletal disability since birth and cannot walk but it does not affect my morale. I like to sing, dance and make videos. I have carried out many projects including the promotion of different brands. Recently I attended an event and tried my luck in modeling and also participated in an Aasmaan trust foundation project.

I love to show the world that the limits are only in the mind. I firmly believe in the idea: “If we believe in ourselves, we can certainly do anything.”

I have always seen my wheelchair as my wings, they make me feel independent. I keep a close eye on my diet and eating habits (also saving a few cheat days to continue) so that I can sit alone in the wheelchair. My family are very supportive and never let me feel inferior in any way.

Music has always been close to me. I started to sing bhajans during my school years. My family felt my talent and helped me develop it by joining classes and taking music exams. After that, I learned to play musical instruments and later decided not to stop learning it, but I also started to teach it.

I started playing when I was in school and this trip brought me to participate in the Rising Star where I completed two rounds.

The major breakthrough in my life was when I sang the song Iliyaraja which was an Aasman Foundation project. This was retweeted by Shri Amitabh Bachchan and many other celebrities.

I have been in contact with a lot of people with disabilities. I observed a feeling of fear in them, the fear of being left out, of being treated differently, or of being compassionate. In fact, I think we have to accept ourselves as we are and have confidence in ourselves to face the world. We need to realize our true potential and work towards what we have and not cry over what we don’t have.

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