I was delivering my baby when I felt a “sense of doom” – I died twice so


A mom has revealed that the happiest day of her life quickly worsened when she nearly died in childbirth.

Kayleigh Summers, who identifies as the traumatized mother in childbirth, developed amniotic embolism (AFE), a very rare but serious condition.

Mom revealed she almost died in childbirth


Her nurse apparently pushed her away at firstCredit: TikTok / Kayleigh Summers

Speaking to TikTok, the AFE survivor shared, “During labor with my first and only child, I was 10 centimeters and ready to meet my baby when I suddenly didn’t feel well.

“I spoke to my nurse about it and she said feeling sick during the transition was normal.

“She quickly made it difficult for me to vomit and rechecked my vital to be safe.”

“So I said no, something is really wrong. Something is seriously wrong with my heart!

She then claimed in her video that when the nurse turned to her to reassure her that she was fine, she had completely collapsed.

“I immediately went into cardiopulmonary arrest. I had an amniotic embolism and needed CPR twice for a total of 12 minutes.

She then claimed that she needed to be placed on an ECMO machine to help her oxygenate her blood, that she had an Impella device installed to help her heart work properly, that she had had a total hysterectomy and that she needed over 140 units of blood.

She added, “To clarify, my nurse did everything to save my life that day.

“It is about intuition and the experience of the strangeness which is the ‘feeling of unhappiness’.”

According to the National Organization for Rare Diseases, AFE “is an extremely rare, but potentially fatal, complication that affects pregnant women shortly before, during or immediately after labor and delivery.

“Most cases occur during labor. In this disorder, it is assumed that a pregnant woman has a severe allergic reaction to amniotic fluid or other fetal material such as fetal cells, which enter the mother’s bloodstream.

“Amniotic embolism is unpredictable and no risk factor has been identified. AFE can lead to serious and rapid deterioration in the health of the mother.

It is also reported that the survival rate for this condition is very low, making Summers’ survival a miracle.

The nurse just thought she was nauseous but it was an embolism


The nurse just thought she was nauseous but it was an embolismCredit: TikTok / Kayleigh Summers

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