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Seniors arrived at school at 7 a.m. on Monday, October 18 with blankets, soft toys and slippers to kick off the first day of Spirit Week: Pajama Day.

Last year there was a late spirit week in which many students did not participate. However, that changed this year as almost the whole school looked like it got out of bed.

“Last year I didn’t even dress up because the only way to find out about Spirit Week was through the Superfans Facebook group, in which I’m not really active,” said Leni Lemcke ’22. “This year I think the school did a good job announcing upcoming events and I think all classes were able to participate.”

This year I think the school did a good job announcing upcoming events and I think all classes were able to participate.

– Leni Lemcke ’22

Ahead of Spirit Week, the Superfans captains posted on the Facebook group as well as their Instagram page. Principal Stafford W. Thomas Jr. also announced Spirit Week and what would be worn each day in Communication Time’s announcements.

Pajama Monday-Day, Twin Tuesday-Day, Wednesday Color Wars (seniors in red, juniors in yellow, sophomores in purple and freshman in green), Thursday-Country club vs Country and colors of the Friday school (blue and white). Since there were several platforms where the week was advertised, this made it easier for subclasses to be notified.

“I’m really happy to have participated in Spirit Week. I think it was a lot of fun and I got to take pictures with my friends, ”said Kathleen Coffey ’24. “It’s a great way to show the spirit of the school even if it’s a bit intimidating to dress up if you’re not a senior. ”

During the pandemic, Staples offered a e-learning option which limited the number of students in the school. Therefore, it also limited the number of students who participated in Spirit Week. This year, since the school is all together, even masked, there is a feeling of normalcy. The hallways are again filled with rowdy older girls.

“Last year for Spirit Week I didn’t get dressed because I didn’t understand how it worked at all. This year my friends and I have all dressed up and we look forward to the rest of the week, ”said Jocey Kessler ’24. “I think Pajama Day was a good start to Spirit Week because it brings the whole school together and makes a big school feel more unified.”


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