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Too many letters; The financing of the IRS, finally; cut; and other highlights from our favorite tax bloggers.

Sense of accomplishment

  • Procedural taxation ( Over several decades, correspondence exams have become the IRS’s go-to for auditing about four out of every five targeted individual taxpayers. Originally designed for ‘less complex’ questions, correspondence exams are now used for more complex questions including child tax credit, earned income tax credit, earned income self-employed and charitable deductions. Does this constitute an erosion of taxpayers’ rights?
  • Current Federal Tax Developments ( A glance Sherwin Community Painters, Inc. v. Commissioner, in which a company was denied a deduction for money paid to have the owners’ daughter’s boyfriend take a coding course. Ah to be young and in love and detailed.
  • tax warriors ( Pre-nups for Gen-Zers.
  • HBK ( Have business customers asked about employee retention credit, meals, or retirement plans? You may not want to wait for them.
  • tax jar ( So where did we leave all those Amazon fulfillment centers?
  • AICPA Insights ( To fight cyberattacks, involve CPAs in the TPA PDQ.
  • TaxProf Blog ( A recent article examines whether congressional committees “enjoy” unlimited power to compel a president’s tax returns.

Having fun with financing

  • tax time ( The IRS has some kind of increase, but is it enough?
  • Don’t Mess With Taxes ( And the service got it with bipartisan support, to boot.
  • Taxed subjects ( Bot-Comm Dept.: The IRS turns to cutting-edge tips for answers to the simplest taxpayer questions.
  • Tax foundation ( A look at the “radical” tax reform recently enacted in Iowa.
  • Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy ( How Senator Rick Scott’s proposal that all Americans “pay a little income tax,” seemingly and initially harmless to some, would eliminate many benefits of the CTC and EITC and nullify much year-old ARPA progress.
  • Eide Bailly ( All news that matches the evolution of retirement, including the need for faster payouts and how new IRS rules could create problems for some workers’ plans.
  • Federal tax crimes ( Words to Respect: “Willingness, therefore, must mean something more than mere negligence.” A glance United States vs. Schikin which the court denied the government’s motion for summary judgment for the FBAR voluntary penalty.
  • Sovos ( The European Parliament now recommends mandatory electronic invoicing and additional digital measures to harmonize VAT requirements across the EU.
  • Avalara ( VAT for any customer is just a click away. Alex Baulf, Senior Director of Global Indirect Tax at Avalara, talks about this “unprecedented period of change” for indirect tax in terms of new VAT laws, rules and regimes in countries and regions that previously had none.
  • TaxConnex ( What do affected customers really know about the economic nexus of sales taxes – and what changes are coming?
  • Henri+Horne ( The IRS and Prince’s estate have reached an undisclosed settlement for federal estate taxes.

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