Inside Jesse Williams’ Messy Personal Life Since Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’



  • Jesse Williams is gone Grey’s Anatomy in 2021 after 12 seasons playing Dr. Jackson Avery.
  • He has since moved on to other professional endeavors as an actor and director.
  • But his personal life has been quite complicated since he left Grey’s — including a nasty custody battle and attempted extortion.

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Jesse Williams is gone Grey’s Anatomy in 2021 after 12 seasons with Dr. Jackson Avery. In the months following his release, Williams moved on to other professional endeavors as an actor and director. But his personal life has been quite messy.

Jesse Williams is in a custody battle over his ex-wife

Williams split from his ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, in 2017 after four years of marriage and more than a decade together. They finalized their divorce in October 2020 after a long legal battle. And the former couple have agreed to share joint legal and physical custody of their two children – Sadie, 8, and Maceo, 6. The court also ordered Williams to pay Drake-lee $40,000 a month in child support.

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But in January 2022, Drake-Lee accused Williams of breaking their co-parenting agreement. As a result, she petitioned the court for primary custody of the children. Instead of shared custody with Williams, Drake-Lee wants his ex to have visitation rights the first, third and fifth weekends of every month.

Aryn Drake-Lee Says Her Ex-Husband Has Changed Since Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

According to Yahoo!court documents show Drake-Lee has accused her ex-husband of not being transparent about his new work schedule since leaving Grey’s Anatomy in May 2021.

She says Williams’ work schedule, her decision to fire their nanny in 2020 (whom she rehired), the pandemic and other factors “have led to increased inconsistency, longer absences, regular cancellations of last minute and other issues that are incredibly life changing for our children.

“I request a change to the custody schedule and other judgment provisions to better reflect the new reality of our lives and, most importantly, to properly and positively meet the needs of our children,” she wrote.

Jesse Williams’ personal life got complicated

Drake-Lee claimed she tried to contact Williams to resolve these issues, but had no luck. She says that since she left Grey’s, Williams gives her “very little notice” about her work schedule that keeps her away for weeks. And that pushes him to “cancel his on-call time”.

“When I reminded Jesse of his cancellations and informed him of the plans made because of said cancellations, he resorted to erratic behavior in an attempt to coerce me into complying with his demands,” Drake’s court filing states. Lee. “He insults me, uses threatening language and bullying tactics such as threatening to send the police to my house, which makes me fear for my safety and the safety of our children.”

In early February, Williams responded to Drake-Lee’s claims by filing documents against her with charges of “repeated violations of court orders” and “erratic and controlling behavior.”

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ alum responds to his ex-wife’s claims

According to American weekly, Williams says his ex-wife has “become increasingly controlling and restrictive” about his time with their children. the Grey’s Anatomy alum accused his ex of taking the kids from school or his own yard during his custody days. He also accused her of ignoring his FaceTime calls.

But that’s not all. Williams also accused Drake-Lee of having “manic outbursts in front of the kids.”

He pointed to a specific incident in October 2021 when she allegedly yelled at Williams and “ripped Sadie from my arms like a rag doll.”

Williams also called Drake-Lee’s legal documents “unreasonable.”

He also described his behavior as “a perpetual loop of the same refuted and unsubstantiated stories and a flagrant disrespect for court orders”.

Jesse Williams is also involved in a lawsuit

In addition to her child custody drama, Williams faces another legal battle. One that his lawyers describe as a “flagrant attempt at extortion” by the actor. The Daily Mayl reports that the 41-year-old was involved in a car accident in January 2020 with a woman named Paula Bruce.

She is now accusing Williams of a hit-and-run, and she is suing the actor for $1.6 million to take care of his injuries and emotional distress. However, Williams’ legal team says the actor did not flee the scene. They say insurance information was exchanged, photos were taken and police were contacted.

Williams’ attorney, William Briggs, says the lawsuit is an extortion attempt because insurance companies have already handled the case. He promised that they would fight the lawsuit and prove that the Grey’s Anatomy star did everything he was legally obligated to do after the accident.

Grey’s Anatomy returns with new episodes February 24 on ABC.

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