Is Ellen Pompeo’s limited role a good thing?


The key to writing a good story is to always leave people wanting more. You never want readers/viewers to get bored and give up before you can bring your characters to satisfying conclusions. But when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy, the longest-running prime-time medical drama, this ship has sailed many times. However, credit should be given to creative Shonda Rhimes about to begin her 19th season for consistently delivering high ratings and generating profits for ABC. It has stood the test of time in the day and age of one critically acclaimed and entertaining OTT show after another.

But many of the show’s early fans resonated with Cristina Yang, when the plane crashed in the eighth season, and she cried out in shock, “As soon as we get out of here, I’m walking away. of Seattle Grace Mercy Death!”


And one by one they all left over the years. Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) was the only remaining member of the OG MAGIC team (Meredith, Alex, George, Izzie, Cristina). However, Pompeo is finally stepping down, not entirely yet, but this season she will have a more limited role, which could be a good thing.

Ellen Pompeo’s Limited Role in Season 19

Grey’s Anatomy premiered in 2005 and brought messy, golden-haired Meredith Gray into our lives. She came bearing the cross of being an only child (at least at that time) from a dysfunctional family with the legacy of a gifted parent to shoulder. And she was one of a kind. But she’s been at it for two decades now.

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While Meredith Gray was the role of a lifetime, most TV actors looked forward to the start of their careers; after a while it can get tedious. Pompeo has spoken many times about wanting to walk away, but how she couldn’t for one reason or another. Even if she walks away Grey’s bit by bit, it will be interesting to see how she appears in other corners of the fictional universe out there; and, more importantly, whether fans will be able to see Pompeo as anyone other than Meredith Grey. Sandra Oh did it with a whole lot of common sense and all that pizzazz.

Talking about how she’ll always be a part of Grey’snoted Pompeo at Deadline:

“…listen, the new season is going to be fun. We have such a formula there and the fans know what to expect. You know, it’s going to be more of what we do best. A few laughs and a few tears, and it’s going to be fine without me I’m still going to do the voiceover and everyone can come see me on Hulu I hope the fans come with me I know there’s no guarantee of that. But I’ll put the same heart and passion. It’s just eight little episodes, so it won’t take too much of your time. And I’ll be back at Grey’s for the finale, and we’ll see if we can continue I’m always going to be a part of this show, I’m an executive producer of this show, I’ve spent two decades of my career on this show, it’s my heart and my soul, and I’ll never really be gone until this show will air.”

The Many Faces of Meredith Gray

Over the seasons, Gray has played many roles – ace surgeon, twisted sister, monster boss, unconventional but an absolute romantic at heart. Even for fans who’ve only sporadically followed the show over the past few seasons, Meredith Gray has etched a space in their hearts that can’t be erased so easily. But this farewell was long in coming. Speculation has been rife that Pompeo is leaving the show or the show is ending for a while now.

While Pompeo will remain the show’s narrator – honestly, it would be weird if every episode didn’t start with some soul-searching from Gray – but she won’t appear as much in person on the show. The baton has been passed to a new batch of interns, who the creators hope will carry the flame for years to come. The new cast includes Adelaide Kane, Harry Shum Jr., Alexis Floyd, Niko Terho and Midori Francis. Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. will scour as Bailey and Richard.

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In a recent interview, Pompeo said:

“We are really trying to set it up for the next generation. I’m really excited for them, they’re all great actors, they have a great attitude, and they’re really excited to be there, and so we’re really excited to have them, and we’re just grateful that these kids wanted step in and they’re really excited to be there and excited to tell these stories. So it helps to keep it fresh when there are new people. It helps all of us who have been there from the start, it helps keep it new and fresh. So we’re really grateful to them, and I think everyone’s going to love them.

How much longer can Grey’s Anatomy last?

While no one really expects the magic of the original cast and characters to be somehow revived in the series, we’ll have to wait and watch how the new cast, with their new stories, will stand up to the originals when the 19th season of Grey’s Anatomy premieres on ABC and airs on Hulu next month, starting October 6, 2022. Maybe Season 20 will eventually happen as well (because 19 would have be an odd number to leave things on), and then who knows!


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