It makes no sense to get rid of Marc Gasol



Marc Gasol has been one of the Los Angeles Lakers’ most disappointing players this season. Gasol was hired on a two-year contract with the team trading JaVale McGee for next to nothing to free up ceiling space to sign Gasol.

Gasol was not the one the Lakers envisioned. While on paper the move made sense, Gasol gave the team a cross that could stretch the ground, defend and not block the way for LeBron James, that theory has remained a theory.

It got to the point where the Lakers were desperate for help at the center and apparently struck a home run with Andre Drummond in the buyout market. Drummond ended up not being a good candidate as he never fully fitted into the offensive game plan and before you knew it fans called Gasol again in the playoffs.

We are now entering the offseason where several things are pending with many Laker fans expecting the team to pass from Marc Gasol, but they shouldn’t. Unless Gasol retires, he should and will be a Laker next season.

Why it doesn’t make sense for the Los Angeles Lakers to leave Marc Gasol:

We have to look at several factors, first the other centers in last season’s roster. As far as we’re concerned, Andre Drummond and Montrezl Harrell are almost gone.

Drummond is going to get a deal similar to Tristan Thompson’s last offseason (two years, $ 19 million) and that’s just too much for the Lakers. The Lakers are already struggling with anything they can do financially and without Bird Rights it’s nearly impossible to re-sign Drummond unless he takes on a minimum contract.

That or use the mid-level exception on it, which just wouldn’t be worth it.

Last year’s MLE signing is probably gone as well. Harrell has a player option this offseason and after coming out of the playoff rotation I think it’s safe to say he’s going to be looking for a new home in 2021. He’ll sign a new multi-year deal with a team, probably a team that is not able to fight where it can go and increase its value by playing well.

This leaves Gasol and Gasol only at the position. Obviously the Lakers will add to the position but it helps to have Gasol as depth. There is nothing wrong with having a different take on the job with the guy you take off the bench.

The next thing to consider is how they would get rid of Gasol. They are not going to release him because his contract is fully guaranteed and they would only throw away the salary cap space at a time when they need it. It will not arrive.

What is the alternative? Trade it for another team? The Los Angeles Lakers are not going to improve by trading Gasol. The only solution would be to swap it for unsecured contracts like they did with McGee, and then forfeit those unsecured contracts.

If they did, they would simply open up another spot on the list that needs to be filled. The Lakers would then have to sign two cheap centers for a minimum contract instead of just one. What exactly does this accomplish?

Nothing. When you’re a team that doesn’t have a lot of salary cap space and need to fill out a roster, you don’t get rid of a player who’s already on the books with a cheap offer, especially when they don’t. There are no -cut upgrades.

And as far as Gasol is concerned, he was not as bad as we like to think. His offense was really ineffective and he looked slow at times, but he played solid defense and allowed the Lakers to look different with a cross that didn’t need to sit close to the edge and go. ask for post-ups.

There’s a reason Frank Vogel finally put Andre Drummond on the bench and played against Gasol in the playoffs. It was no accident.

Sorry to all the fans who want to see Marc Gasol come out of the Los Angeles Lakers next season. It just won’t happen.



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