Jake Borelli’s favorite part as Levi in ​​Grey’s Anatomy


In a tandem interview with Extra TV, Jake Borelli and Camilla Luddington have expressed how much they love playing best friends on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Borelli even said, “I have to say our friendship is my favorite thing about the whole show. And it’s been from day one that I come in and filming is our friendship, so that’s great.” Luddington agreed and expressed his own enjoyment of seeing the characters play against each other, saying, “They’re always funny together!”

With many different character connections appearing across the hundreds of episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” (including the episodes in which Ellen Pompeo does not appear), it’s always interesting to get the cast’s perspective on these. fictitious relationships. And in the case of Borelli’s love of his character’s friendship with Dr. Wilson, that dynamic seems to extend offscreen as well. In 2020, Luddington sat down with BuzzFeed to answer some of the burning questions from fans. When asked if her character’s on-screen relationship with Levi bleeds into their off-screen friendship, Luddington replied, “I text Jake all the time!” Around the same time, Borelli agreed with his assessment on Twitterexclaiming, “Uggg, I love my scenes with @camilludington.”


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