Julie Teffeteller launches a new relationship site to repair the connection and repair the communication


Teffeteller offers a goal-oriented approach to problem solving for a healthy, happy, and lasting relationship, even if one partner refuses to work on the relationship.

Julie Teffeteller is a marriage and relationship coach with a master’s degree in communication studies who is an expert in supporting individuals by overcoming resentment, breaking the cycle of arguments and getting on the same page, even when the two partners have completely opposite points of view.

Unlike traditional couples therapy, she strongly believes that couples don’t have to dig into the past to move forward and that it only takes one person to completely transform a relationship. She teaches her clients easy-to-implement relationship skills with step-by-step guidance so they can start seeing improvements in their relationship starting today.

Teffeteller believes that the little things are the big things in relationships. For example, small things like leaving dirty clothes on the floor create resentment while small things like leaving a love note create affection and affection. She says that to solve big relationship problems, it’s best to start small. To prove that little things have a big impact in relationships, she offers a free guide on her site titled “5 Text Messages That Can Save Your Relationship” which is up for grabs at https://textyourpartner.com/.

According to Teffeteller, emotional connection and physical connection are directly correlated, so improving the relationship in one area will simultaneously improve the other. She says emotional and physical connection is part of a set of relationship skills and all relationship skills can be learned.

After helping hundreds of couples heal their relationships, Teffeteller has developed a more focused approach to creating dream relationships. She says communication won’t work if the relationship bond is broken because one partner isn’t listening if they already don’t care what the other has to say. Teffeteller reveals that the real secret to effective communication is to first mend the connection in the relationship. She takes her clients through a focused assessment to diagnose weak spots in their relational connection to create a personalized “connection map” that repairs the connection and brings the fun back to the relationship. More information can be found at https://julieteffeteller.com/.

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