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Ken said it would have become a sad statistic of what happens when people aren’t talking.

This story dramatically highlights the fact that communication is very important and can save lives. The story got me thinking about the value of good communication and how we communicate with others in everyday life.

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When someone makes us angry, do we take the time to calm down and talk to them to try to resolve the problem, or do we give them silent treatment? I believe that one of the main causes of a broken relationship is lack of communication.

Unfortunately, marriages and child-parent relationships are not immune to the negative effects of poor communication. As parents learn to communicate with each other, they must also learn to communicate with their children. I also believe that as parents it is very important for us to teach and model appropriate communication skills to our children. Children absorb almost everything we give them, just like a sponge absorbs water.

Webster defines communication as: “A process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common behavioral system, a technique for effectively expressing ideas. “

Overall, communication is a two-way street. In order to communicate effectively, both parties are required to provide each other with precise information in a medium that facilitates the exchange of this information. Both parties also need to pay attention and listen, and be on the right “wavelength” to communicate effectively.



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