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Gary Bérubé, Mandan

My Father was a man created by God! My Mother was a woman created by God! As parents, they raised 5 boys and 2 girls created by God. Our mother fed us with breast milk. None of us decided to change anything that God has blessed us with. We all became moms and dads and raised the boys and girls God so graciously blessed us with.

We all defend the American flag and we all kneel for the blessed cross. We support all of our service men and women, we support our local police men and women, and we support our local firefighters and firewomen.

I am a man who was blessed to be a very proud husband, father, uncle and grandfather. I will never change any of the pronouns I use just to satisfy a few silly people who have completely lost touch with reality and common sense.

I will never take guns away from innocent law-abiding people to stop criminals from committing crimes! I believe anyone who intentionally kills puppies a month before they are born should be prosecuted and I feel the same for a human baby aborted just before birth!

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