Kerv acquires global communications compliance practice from TDS


Kerv, the next-generation, customer-focused digital transformation and cloud services provider, today announced the acquisition of the Communications Compliance Practice business from TDS Global Holdings, to significantly enhance its services capabilities. compliance regulated by the FCA. Acquisition will bring Kerv’s total business to over £60m in revenue and over 500 employees and create the leading compliance technology practice serving the Tier 1 banking and financial services industry United Kingdom.

New brand Kerv Communications Compliance Practice provides critical communications compliance services to leading global financial services organisations, including 50% of UK Tier 1 banks with 140,000 compliance record channels and over 3 billion calls caught under management worldwide.

The company employs 40 people based in Europe, Asia and North America with headquarters in London and a 24-hour global service operations center in Cardiff. With an annual turnover of over £10m, the practice continues to win new clients at a brisk pace, achieving a growth rate of 20% in the last financial year and expecting to exceed this growth in the next the current period.

The acquisition will strengthen Kerv’s existing proposition and capabilities around all aspects of compliance. Current leadership of the Communications Compliance practice, including CEO Brad Gorton and Chief Strategy Officer Paul Wilson, will join Kerv in leadership roles, working closely with the Kerv Collaborate leadership team, which has already a strong presence in banking and financial services. market. Additionally, Kerv plans to retain all practice staff and will continue to invest in the business to leverage its growth trajectory and global presence.

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The Communications Compliance practice brings key core technology capabilities to Kerv and is a premier partner for leading global compliance vendors including Verint (winning both European Compliance Partner of the Year and Deal of the Year awards ) and NICE. The practice enables its clients to ensure and maintain compliance across all channels including mobile, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Symphony as well as social media and messaging platforms, all delivered as a managed service in the cloud.

“Across all of Kerv’s practices, we strive to help our customers transform their business by migrating and then transforming into the cloud. As we approach our second anniversary, this acquisition is another important step in the development of the group,” commented Kerv Executive Chairman Alastair Mills. “With the world of compliance being relatively slow to migrate to the cloud compared to other industries, this is a transformation that is currently happening at a rapid pace and Kerv is well positioned to capitalize on this important trend in the market.”

Managing Director of Kerv Communications’ new compliance practice, Brad Gorton, added, “We are excited to join the Kerv team for the next leg of our journey. The opportunity to leverage our global cloud capabilities, expand our digital services, and accelerate investments in our automation, monitoring, and proprietary technology by leveraging Kerv’s capabilities is fantastic for us and our customers. Bringing the rest of the Kerv Group portfolio to our customers and providing our Kerv customer compliance expertise will help us accelerate our own growth even further.

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