Killing the Justice League’s shooting mechanics makes no sense


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League recently unveiled its firing mechanics, but it doesn’t make sense for King Shark and Boomerang to use guns.

The new gameplay trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League shown during the 2021 Game Awards revealed more of the game’s third-person shooter elements, but they don’t make sense given the background of characters like Captain Boomerang and King Shark. Rocksteady is new Suicide Squad the game has been on the radar of many players since its announcement in 2020, as it is the studio’s first AAA title to follow the famous Batman: arkham series. This latest installment in the series puts players in the shoes of Task Force X members, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, King Shark, and Deadshot as they strive to defeat the members of the Justice League controlled by Brainiac.


While Rocksteady has already revealed gameplay clips and cutscenes for their new game, this latest trailer was the first to show off uninterrupted gameplay, showing how the Suicide Squad would fight the Justice League, Brainiac, and the other forces of the world. invasion of the alien tyrant. Combat appears to be a mix of melee attacks unique to each character and shooting engagements, allowing players the freedom to fight enemies both at close and long range. The gameplay certainly looks like a fun time, but putting guns in the hands of playable characters King Shark and Captain Boomerang is a bit of a moot decision given that both characters have typically used other weapons in the comics.

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Equipping Deadshot and Harley Quinn with all manner of weapons makes sense when looking at their characters in the comics and other media. Deadshot’s entire personality centers around his gun affinity and insane gun abilities, so Rocksteady takes a look at that in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is appropriate. While Harley Quinn has become synonymous with her iconic baseball bat and mallet over the years, she’s also known to wield a gun or two to aid her in her criminal ways. Harley Quinn used guns in the Batman: arkham series, so Rocksteady gives him guns Kill the Justice League shouldn’t be surprising.

Captain Boomerang and King Shark shouldn’t use guns in SSKTJL

Captain Boomerang and King Shark fire guns in SSKTJL

Where things start to get a little weird is with King Shark, who can be seen wielding a mixture of guns in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League despite the preference for close-range attacks in the comics and other adaptations. With increased strength, razor-sharp teeth, and fundamentally impenetrable skin, King Shark could easily have been a purely melee-focused hero players could use in KTJLBrainiac’s cooperative story, but the trailer shows Nanaue carrying a minigun on her back and using it to tear apart Brainiac’s alien forces. It might have served the character better if Rocksteady had chosen to leave the gun out of the equation and not allow King Shark to use the melee attacks shown in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice Leaguegameplay trailer, ensuring the character could stand out as the intimidating tank he’s always been known as in DC comics.

Captain Boomerang is the other Suicide Squad character whose use of firearms in Kill the Justice League seems antithetical, given that the speedster has a wide variety of boomerangs in the comics to help him defeat his enemies. Some of that variety is present in the gameplay trailer with the villainous Flash’s teleportation / explosives boomerangs, but Rocksteady dives back into the shooting elements with the character and shows him using pistols and shotguns to send the weapons off. bad guys. It would have been so much cooler to see the developer fully focusing on Captain Boomerang’s ability to use his unusual weapons as his primary weapon instead of bringing guns into the equation.

The good news for King Shark and Captain Boomerang is that Kill the Justice LeagueThe gameplay trailer for showed a wide range of combat moves, which means guns may not even be needed for these particular characters. Both villains appear to be equipped with their own unique attacks and moves, which could make players enough to avoid guns altogether. Either way, it will become more clear how King Shark and Captain Boomerang actually play when Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League comes out next year, and hopefully Rocksteady surprises players with a more precise fight for these two characters when it does.

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