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kooling The Big Data platform of will play a key role in the scientific activities carried out by mobiUS Lab of SDA Bocconi School of Management, the first European research laboratory on smart, sustainable and user-centric mobility. The partnership will bring together behavioral science and cutting-edge carbon sensing technology to generate know-how that will accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.

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Kooling and mobiUS Lab Partner to Provide Advanced Solutions for Sustainable Mobility (Photo: Business Wire)

Kooling’s combination of big data fusion, sensing technology and machine learning will be deployed to automate the detection of carbon emissions related to our mobility behaviors and transform complex and fragmented data into reliable, accurate and actionable information.

mobiUS researchers will leverage cutting-edge technology to define the megatrends that will shape mobility over the next decade, as a strategic resource for businesses to make informed decisions on how to lead and succeed in the transition to durability.

Smart movement is one of the three pillars (with S mart-Work and Smart Living) of the sustainable development model developed by mobiUS . The Milanese Lab was launched in 2021 by the prestigious SDA Bocconi School of Management in partnership with Atlantic, the strategic investment holding company focused on innovation and sustainability as pillars of future transport services. Kooling will now add value to this collaboration with its innovative technology platform.

NetZero targets promised by various governments, along with heightened customer and investor expectations, are driving businesses to go greener and faster. While mobiUS performs applied research activities to analyze the main trends in the development of the mobility market at a global level, by sharing its ideas with companies and with policy makers, Kooling will play a key role in providing precise measurement the climate impact of mobility and transport, known to be the main source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Current Kooling data shows that the median user will reduce emissions by approximately 24% with peaks of almost 70% for responsive individuals.

Fabrice Zerbini, Scientific Director mobiUS Lab: ” The digital transition is enabling the widespread dissemination, development and adoption of wearable and wearable connected devices that can be essential for collecting actionable insights into individual climate impact. Technologies such as big data analysis, geolocation and mobility tracking are quickly made available to end users to collect the information needed to understand how the individual footprint develops and, importantly, how it can be optimized. . mobiUS Lab and Kooling now combine behavioral science and cutting-edge carbon sensing and measurement technology to identify best practices and create solutions to support modal shifts towards sustainable travel options. The mission of this partnership is to empower individuals to take control of their mobility practices and be part of the solution, helping to achieve NetZero’s goals by 2050.”

David Falconi, Founder and CEO of Kooling: ” With maximum contributions of more than 90% on global company emissions and 30% on global national emissions, the impact of transport on climate change is extremely high. The decarbonisation of mobility is therefore essential to achieve the climate objectives set by the government as well as the ESG objectives of companies. In this delicate phase of the ecological transition, mobiUS Lab accompanies the actors with a key role of authoritative orientation which is distinguished by its scientific rigour, its knowledge of good practices and the creation of innovative solutions. The latter will be developed in partnership with Kooling, based on the core of our Big Data technology platform. We are honored and energized to partner with mobiUS, as they represent Italian excellence in research.

Stefania Ratti, Director of Orchestration and Innovation Acceleration at Atlantia:“Atlantia has invested in the mobiUS project in recognition of its role in advancing analysis, knowledge and leadership for more sustainable mobility. Kooling’s involvement in the project is a tangible step forward as it will draw on SDA Bocconi’s data, skills and advanced know-how to conduct scientific studies focusing on transportation. Atlantia will actively contribute to the partnership by sharing the group’s industrial and technological knowledge.

About Kooling

Kooling is a technology company founded in London in 2019 by David Falconi. The company has received private and public investment, including a share of the £191 million Fund allocated in 2020 by the UK government to support sustainable innovation, in recognition of its strategic potential to accelerate the sustainable transition in mobility and transportation. Kooling’s goal is to turn the climate challenge into an opportunity for business, by improving both environmental and financial performance. With Kooling’s turnkey big data platform, businesses can effortlessly:

  • improve ESG performance on all Scopes (1, 2 and 3)
  • enable compliance with current and future regulations
  • promote a sustainable lifestyle for consumers and employees

About mobiUS

MobiUS Lab focuses on mobility users. It is the only laboratory of this type in Europe, created to study and research new forms of integrated mobility.

The laboratory will conduct applied research with the aim of analyzing the main trends developing in the mobility sector on a global level. Its work will revolve around four main axes, centered on the major changes that occur in the habits and social and economic behavior of people in relation to the short, medium and long distance movement of people and goods. Globalization, digitization of devices and processes, modern forms of locomotion and propulsion (more technologically advanced and sustainable) and the rise of new economic models (especially the sharing or rental of means of transport, according to the “mobility as a service” ”) have a significant impact on the world of transport, giving rise to new and increasingly integrated forms of mobility.

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