Kyle Kuzma shared his honest take on LaMelo Ball’s fashion sense: “Gen Z. I think that’s the best way to go about it.”


For many famous basketball players, style and fashion are an integral part of their lives. We often see athletes wearing amazing outfits at games or events, and there is no doubt that they are generally trying to look their best.

LaMelo Ball is known for his daring both on and off the court, and he’s no stranger to making adventurous fashion choices. The same goes for a player LaMelo Ball has known since childhood, Kyle Kuzma. During a recent episode of the No Chill podcast with Gilbert Arenas, Kyle Kuzma was asked about the fashion sense of LaMelo Ball. Kuzma said Ball’s style was very “Gen Z,” then expressed his admiration for the young playmaker’s play. (41:54)

Gen Z. I think that’s the best way to go.

He’s the man of the moment. He’s just this fair-skinned young kid. He’s in Charlotte but he has the chains, the Ferraris, the Lambos, the hoop game to back him up. It’s him now.

He has always been a very confident little boy. I say that because I’ve known him since he was little. Not small, just younger. Now he’s a special man. I am an admirer of his game for sure. You can see it’s just easy for him. You come into the league, and you make these crazy passes. This is the number one thing, whether it’s easy or not, what does your decision making look like? He does these zipped passes, these crazy passes, he gets outlets, pushes down. It looks so easy. He has a lot to build.

There is no doubt that LaMelo Ball dazzled in his rookie year and rightly won the Rookie of the Year award. It looks like he’s built for the limelight, both in terms of personality and playing on the pitch. Hopefully we see a big step forward for LaMelo Ball next season, and maybe he will be the player who takes Charlotte deep into the playoffs in the future.

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