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Common sense is quickly becoming one of the rarest and most valuable commodities in American politics.

This is your typical ECON 101 supply and demand problem: the times have never demanded such a large number of firm and knowledgeable leaders, and it has never been so rare.

However, voters in District A of Montgomery County can breathe a sigh of relief this year. Despite the growing resentment and division of school boards across the country, one of our school board nominees, Linwood Hudson, has proven to be a source of common sense.

His passion is rooted in creating a better learning environment for our students, not in the no-profit vitriol of the ‘culture war’ fueled by wired news that our board must carefully avoid. .

Over the past few months, I have gotten to know Linwood very well. Without a doubt, Linwood’s attention is refreshingly focused on improving student achievement. We can trust his behavior as it should be, mission-oriented and transparent at all times, for he conducts himself with a quiet diligence which is a welcome departure from the noise of “politics as usual”.

But don’t confuse its balanced nature with a lack of passion. With the brains of a software engineer, the heart of a father, and the experience of a battle-proven PTO leader, Linwood brings a sense of urgency, energy and dedication to a role that will be greatly served. by his intellect, his empathy, and his wisdom.



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