Letter to the Editor: Please use common sense before rushing blindly


The problem of social housing is real; However, basic economics tells you that limiting supply leads to higher rental prices, not lower.

The viability of Breckenridge rests entirely on tourism. People come all year round to enjoy the beauty of Breckenridge, its history and its people. If you suddenly limit the number of beds available at any one time, two things happen: the prices of the remaining beds increase according to supply and demand, and the number of people coming in will decrease due to the decrease in the number. of beds available and prices too high to afford. It hurts restaurants, ski and bike rentals, Vail resorts, retail sales, the housing market and all the rest.

I don’t believe that’s what you desire and I don’t believe you want Breckenridge to become another Aspen, Vail, or Telluride. If the city and Vail Resorts sat down to deal with the construction of low income apartments together, I think the issue could be resolved with much less pain for the community. I know many businesses, including the town of Breckenridge, are struggling to recruit new employees, and if those workers could live in affordable housing closer to town, I think the shortage would evaporate.

We have been coming to Breckenridge for many years and absolutely love it. We just bought a house in the historic district which we plan to use summer and winter. But to offset the cost, we are also planning to rent it out on a short-term basis. If we had experienced the impending cap on short-term rentals, we would never have bought, even if we had a short-term rental license. Your actions will devastate the housing market, but not to the point that local workers can afford housing.

Please use common sense, consult economists, and think through the whole process before you rush blindly.

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