Levi Ackerman’s zodiac sign and how he describes him as mankind’s strongest soldier


Attack on Titan Levi Ackerman has won the title of mankind’s strongest soldier, and he has a corresponding zodiac sign.

Levi Ackerman may not be the main protagonist of The attack of the Titans, but a significant number of fans can say he “stole the show” – or at least garnered a lot of fan attention over the years. While many are drawn to Levi because of his looks, his personality also makes him a formidable character. The squad captain acts like a rock for the Survey Corps, keeping everyone on the ground. We can surely count on Levi if they need to find meaning, especially in times of crisis.

Levi possesses traits that not everyone likes – he is blunt, vulgar, and doesn’t hesitate to express his resentment or annoyance towards people or things. Despite this, he remains a highly respected figure within the Survey Corps and the military. After all, he’s mankind’s strongest soldier – and his zodiac sign makes perfect sense given that fact. Levi’s birthday is December 25, which means he’s Capricorn, known to be the most ambitious of all the zodiac signs.

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Attack on Titan Levi Cleanup

Capricorn is an earth sign represented by a sea goat and the tenth sign of the zodiac. As well as being the most ambitious, Capricorns are often referred to as workaholics. These individuals possess great determination, are goal-oriented, and have a practical and logical sense. Such traits lead them to be natural leaders or leaders in their groups of friends. Due to their ambitious and hardworking nature, Capricorns always strive for greatness, constantly setting high standards for themselves and for others. They despise failure and incompetence and will be hard on themselves if they fail to achieve a goal or if something does not meet their standards. Therefore, it is also quite inevitable that Capricorns will be stubborn and pessimistic at times.

Since Capricorns focus more on the logical side of things, these people can often appear cold, emotionless, or indifferent. Sometimes they have difficulty expressing their emotions or even being sensitive to the feelings of others. However, that doesn’t mean they are robots with no heart or empathy. Deep down they care, but as they focus on the practicality of the situation their words can seem a bit harsh at times.

Many of these Capricorn traits are prominent in Humanity’s Strongest Soldier. Levi is not only strong physically but also emotionally and mentally. It is surely not easy to have a job that involves risking your life. Apart from that, he regularly has comrades who die left and right. Levi also had a difficult childhood, growing up in the Underground. However, despite his experiences, he remains firmly established.

Capricorns possess the ability to stay grounded when it’s needed most, making them ideal people to turn to for decision-making during difficult situations. As the captain of the team, there are many situations throughout The attack of the Titans where the Survey Corps looks to Levi for leadership during a crisis. In the “Female Titan” arc, Eren was tempted to transform into a Titan and fight while the female titan pursued them. However, the words of Levi and the rest of the Levi Squad, who strongly believe in their captain, brought Eren back to his senses.

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Usually, Capricorns prefer to be organized. For Levi, this translates into his obsession with cleanliness. Levi needs his living environment to be impeccable, and he won’t hesitate to call Eren and the others for cleaning up badly. Even in combat, he takes the time to wipe the blood off his blades. Additionally, while Levi may seem cold and emotionless most of the time, he is still empathetic and cares about his fellow soldiers and their well-being. Whether it’s giving a subordinate the fallen comrade crest or reassuring a dying soldier that he has done his job, Levi is someone who always thanks and honors the many fallen soldiers for their duty. There is also his promise to Erwin, which he always keeps close to his heart.

Levi can get emotional about something but will quickly come back to his rational self. In Season 4, Part 1, Zeke believed he had the upper hand after many of the Survey Corps transformed into Titans right in front of Levi’s eyes. While Levi hesitated for a split second because he remembered them as humans, that was a passing thought, and he immediately went back to doing what he had to do.

Capricorns are synonymous with motivation, power, ambition, and hard work. Throughout the history of The attack of the Titans, Levi has always devoted his heart to the Survey Corps. The rest of the Survey Corps places great trust in him because they are aware of his capabilities. Along with his impressive skills, Levi’s practical leadership and track record prove that he is indeed humanity’s strongest soldier.

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