Mark Canha signing makes sense for sailors


The Seattle Mariners’ offseason is underway and the players are set to officially become free agents starting Sunday night, November 7. The Mariners have already been in the rumor mill as Mark Canha recently posted a photo to Instagram at a Seattle restaurant, and Twitter was buzzing with the possibility of signing him.

Whether or not Canha is in Seattle to discuss a contract with the Mariners, he should be on the Mariners’ radar. Canha didn’t have a good year in 2021, but he had a 111 OPS +, doesn’t hit a lot, and walks a lot. The Mariners love players who control the area, and Canha does just that.

The Mariners could use Canha primarily as a left fielder and the occasional bench bat; if the Mariners signed Canha and added a center fielder, he and Mitch Haniger could split the time between DH and right fielder. Having Canha would dramatically increase the Mariners’ level of offense and give the Mariners a proven professional hitter to play in the outfield.

It probably wouldn’t take a lot of money to bring Canha to Seattle. Canha earned just under $ 7 million in his final year of officiating last year at Oakland, so the Mariners should be able to give him a one-year contract for $ 7-10 million. Canha’s 111 OPS + was superior to any player in the Mariners except Ty France or Mitch Haniger, and he posted a WAR of 2.5 according to Baseball Refence, so he would give the Mariners a solid Upgrade.

Mark Canha would fit very well into the Mariners squad for 2022. Canha isn’t the biggest name in the free agent market, but he would provide an upgrade on the pitch and know the division, having played at Oakland for six years.


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