Meredith, Bailey’s possible story ahead


It is certainly true that we still have a long time to wait Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 premieres on ABC – for many of you, the wait is probably TOO long! The show doesn’t return until early October and during that time there are so many different questions worth asking.

Take, for example, one thing that we’re absolutely focused on right now – the career stage of things for Meredith Gray and Miranda Bailey. At the end of the season 18 finale, we saw that Ellen Pompeo’s character was reluctantly put on a show where she had to take on the role of leader. It’s not necessarily something she wanted, but she realized there weren’t many other suitable outcomes after Miranda quit her job.

Do we think Bailey is going to be away from Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital for a long time? Barely. For starters, there’s no evidence that Chandra Wilson is leaving the show and we wouldn’t be shocked if she showed up. Station 19 along the way. Plus, we have a feeling Bailey will miss the job.

Chances are Miranda won’t be returning to her old job in the immediate future, but we’d be shocked if by the end of Episode 2 she wasn’t employed in some capacity. Plus, we think Meredith would love to return the job to her eventually, because we already know that’s not what she wants in the long run. This is where the writing gets a little tricky – it’s been established that Dr. Gray wants to leave Seattle. Do you keep her in this job to make sure that doesn’t happen and if so, how long is it realistic to do so? We can see this play out for quite a while, but Meredith and Bailey’s relationship is almost certain to be a big part of the Season 19 premiere and beyond.

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What do you think could happen at all levels by moving into Grey’s Anatomy season 19?

How long do you think Meredith will have to serve as chef? Be sure to share now in the attached comments! Once you’ve done that, don’t forget to come back as well; it’s the best way to make sure you don’t miss a lot of other updates along the way. (Photo: ABC.)


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