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Parenthood is indeed a beautiful thing that opens the treasure chest of responsibilities, happiness and surprises galore. And a video of adorable toddlers that went viral on Instagram is a good example. The video with the text “What we found during our 20 week anatomy scan” on Instagram opens with a parent showing off their “biggest surprise” they had two years ago.

An Instagram user named Shannon Hockenberry posted the video with a detailed caption: “About 2 years ago we had the biggest surprise of our lives during our 20 week anatomical scan. It was the first scan which Mike was allowed to attend (due to Covid). I’m so thankful I didn’t get this news on my own.”

She further wrote, “After the initial shock, Mike immediately started researching minivans (we were still in the exam room). It’s Mr. Handy,” along with laughing emoticons. “I always get asked a ton of questions about ‘how did they miss baby!?

Watch the viral video here:

User, Shannon Hockenberry, has 64,000 followers on Instagram, and her bio states that she is a twin mom to identical boys, Finn and Leo. The video revealing the adorable twin toddlers one after the other was posted by the netizen on August 12, and it quickly garnered over a million views. It also received over 20,000 likes and prompted many users to post comments.

One of the Instagram users sharing his experience commented, “I too found out at 19 weeks that I was going to have twins, kids #5 and #6! the twins are 27 now! Best surprise ever!” Another wrote, “Found this out after delivering one!” “Husband found 3rd baby before tech did lol” the third wrote with laughing emoticons.

Sharing her experience, another user commented, “I was 20 weeks old when they told me we were having twins. He immediately said I was going to need 2 dirt bikes.” “We had the same at 20 weeks and this pregnancy was different. I even asked them to check for twins on my first ultrasound and they still missed it,” another wrote.


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