More Than Words Can Say: She Learned Sign Language for Him | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: When Reena came as a bride to Ahmedabad from Uttar Pradesh, she had no idea how she would connect with her speech and hearing impaired husband Jay Shakya. But in 15 years together, she has mastered the art of sign language. Jay works with the Blind People’s Association (BPA).
“Love knows no language, and I just learned that from other family members who knew the signs. People often joke that we might not argue because we don’t talk – that “That’s not true! Like any couple, we also have our share of ups and downs,” says Reena, adding that her experience has helped many people dispel myths about disability and relationships.
“No one could have taken better care of me during my pregnancies. I’m happy to have it.
City-based NGOs working with the disability sector said the taboo of a disabled person marrying a ‘normal’ person is slowly but surely disappearing.
“We faced major opposition when we got married in 2013,” says Hasmukh Nai, who works with GCRI and has a locomotor disability.
“I met Yogini around 2008-09 when she came to replace another employee. We became friends and realized that no one could understand each other like us. Her father came after a meeting, but I had to work hard to make sure I meet their expectations,” says Nai, adding that they now have a six-year-old child.

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