Mortal Kombat: 5 weird facts about Baraka’s body


Armed with razor-sharp arm blades and sporting a jagged jawbone of teeth, Baraka is easily one of Mortal Kombat’s deadliest fighters.

Mortal combat introduced fighting game players to some of the fiercest and scariest fighters on this side of Earthrealm. Besides the Champions of Humanity, the series also hosts several supernatural creatures hungry for blood and kombat. One of these iconic characters from the NetherRealm Studios series is Baraka, a member of the brutal Tarkatan race.

Debut 28 years ago in Mortal Kombat 2, Baraka quickly became one of the highlights of the series and showed his dark and brutal nature compared to other fighting game franchises. Known for his jagged teeth and deadly armblades, Baraka is easily one of the deadliest fighters. Here is a closer look at the sharpest points of its hack and slash framework.

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Baraka possesses superhuman Tarkatan physiology

As one of the most prominent Tarkatan, it’s no surprise that Baraka has all of his greatest physical traits. These include physiology and dexterity far beyond that of a human. This gives him superhuman strength and durability, allowing Baraka to withstand even the harshest of attacks. It also has a superhuman healing factor, helping to mend its body when damage is actually done to it. These powers and many more make him and his race bloodthirsty killing machines while others would have worn themselves out long before.

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Baraka’s razor-sharp armblades is an app that kills

The most notable part of Baraka’s body is easily his arms. These are another part of the physical traits of his species, and the bony structures allow Baraka to unleash the real edge in offensive maneuvers. The claws aren’t a single, singular blade either, with the bones sticking out of Baraka’s arm like a series of knives. Similar spikes are sometimes visible all the way down its shoulders, suggesting that they naturally grow down a Tarkatan’s arm. Unsheathing the weapons doesn’t seem to have a negative effect on Baraka or the other Tarkatans, although it may just be their healing factor at work.

New games in the Mortal combat The sets also give him the ability to pull those blades and other spikes out of his body at long range, showing an even greater level of control over those bony appendages. He can also punch them against each other to fire a spark projectile, keeping his opponents in range until he’s ready to kill.

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Baraka’s bite is much worse than his bark

Tarkatans all have jagged, razor-sharp teeth filling their gaping mouths, and Baraka is no exception. Oddly enough, these fangs are rarely used in any of his attacks. It’s also surprising that Baraka and the other Tarkatans, including his Métis sweetheart Mileena, have no problem talking despite their lack of lips.

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Baraka had to be stapled together again

While its healing factor is certainly helpful, it’s not a foolproof defense against damage. Baraka learned this the hard way once when he got close to Kung Lao’s razor-sharp hat. Baraka was almost cut in half but was able to survive the ordeal despite the massive injury that remained.

In order to pull himself together, Baraka’s torso was crudely stapled as his body healed. The design was seen in Mortal Kombat Gold, although he was healed by the time of his next appearance in Mortal Kombat Deception without even a scar from the ordeal. The healing factor appears to have not only helped him recover, but numbed him with pain, as the stapled Tarkatan was able to fight just fine as if everything was normal.

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Baraka doesn’t have the smartest brain

Mortal Kombat X Baraka

The Tarkatans may be a powerful race, but they are also a savage, brutal, and rather straightforward race. Baraka exemplifies their primitive and bloody ways, usually acting in a way befitting a simple-minded servant.

More recent games in the series have improved his intelligence a bit, such as his diplomatic engagement with Kitana against Shao Kahn. Even then, however, he is no scholar, even his voice embodying a stupid, cannibalistic bully. However, it is this willingness to fight to the death that drives the warrior Tarkatan to such violent extremes of kombat.

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