Naruto: 10 Things That Make No Sense About The Hokage


The position of the Hokage village in Naruto is the one who feels highly respected and sought after. This is mainly due to the fact that the titular protagonist of the series skips the entirety of the original series and Shippuden with the aim of eventually becoming Hokage, his main motivation. Combine this with the fact that the Hokage are willing to sacrifice themselves on behalf of their village – like the Third and the Fourth – and becoming Hokage seems like a selfless goal.

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The system itself seems relatively simple at first glance: the Hokage is the only leader of the Hidden Leaf who represents not only the village but also its strength. Nothing happens without their knowledge or approval. However, there are many details about the position itself – or the actions of those who carry the title of Hokage – that just don’t make sense.

ten Although Hashirama denies that the post is an extension of the authority of the Senju Clan, it certainly seems so.

hashirama senju from naruto

The position of Hokage is originally created by Hashirama Senju, although he does not name himself. He actually intends to make Madara the first Hokage in the village, but its people have chosen Hashirama instead.

Madara fears that this is the first step towards the position of the Hokage, which is little more than an extension of the authority of the Senju clan. And while Hashirama denies this at the time, as it plays out, each Hokage has had some sort of connection to the clan, which makes it feel less like something everyone could aspire to and more like a status. exclusivity.

9 Tsunade is chosen despite being a gambling addict and an alcoholic

tsunade watching naruto

The Hokage is admired by everyone in the village, which means it’s their job to set a good example for those who turn to them for advice. While they don’t need to be a perfectly clean role model (take for example Naruto, who was an infamous troublemaker when he was young), their bad behavior is usually a thing of the past.

This makes the choice to bring in Lady Tsunade as the Fifth Hokage rather absurd. Sure, she’s one of the three legendary Sannins, but she wasn’t even living in the village at the time and constantly tries to make time to play or get drunk rather than taking her duties seriously.

8 The Daimyo is able to name the Hokage despite his corruption

naruto daimyo

Whenever the Hokage is unable to choose a successor for any reason, that responsibility then falls on the village daimyo. Given that the daimyo hold the greatest political power in the country, this immediately seems like a questionable decision.

While it is true that whoever they select must then be accepted by the village jônin, it is also true that the amount of power and influence they hold can make them come to an agreement with a candidate. that they don’t necessarily want. Combine this with the fact that the daimyo have a reputation for bickering unnecessarily and starting wars for no reason, and the decision to let them choose the Hokage seems less and less like a good idea.

seven Previous Hokage is able to come out of retirement to get his job back despite factors like old age

naruto hokage third swing hat

The only time a Hokage can be appointed to a position without being chosen by the previous Hokage or the daimyo is if a retired Hokage recovers the position after the death of the current Hokage. The most notable example of this is when Hiruzen comes out of retirement after the death of the Fourth.

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And while this system itself makes sense, what doesn’t make sense is that there doesn’t seem to be a requirement for a Hokage to reclaim their old position. Things like old age or declining physical strength need to be taken into account, but rather it seems like they are able to come back no matter if someone new could fill the job better.

6 There is often no semblance of work-life balance for the Hokage

naruto hokage

The Hokage has the most important job in the whole village, overseeing the shinobi inside, assigning missions, and dealing with all kinds of paperwork. They are also expected to put their lives at risk for the village if the need arises.

Considering how extremely demanding the Hokage’s job is, it doesn’t make sense that there’s no way to ensure that they get at least a little bit of downtime. For example, after World War Four Shinobi, Naruto is so exhausted from his daily chores that even his inhuman chakra levels eventually run out, and he has so little time for his family that his eldest son ends up resenting him. .

5 Top candidates for Hokage are ignored simply because of their clan lineage

itachi in the rain naruto

Despite the fact that Hokage’s position is said to have nothing to do with lineage, this is not how it turns out in reality. In reality, the characters who are known to have the strength and sacrificial nature to make a prime candidate for Hokage are ignored due to their lineage.

The greatest example of this is that of Sasuke and Itachi’s father, Fugaku Uchiha, who is renowned for having power comparable to the legendary Sannin and Minato. He is also considered a father figure within the clan, yet his name was not even mentioned for a potential candidate for the Hokage due to his status as a member of the Uchiha clan.

4 The first Hokage is democratically selected but this process is abandoned immediately after

hashirama senju from naruto

The first Hokage was originally meant to be Madara and not Hashirama. However, the latter was democratically chosen by the inhabitants of the village to take the title instead, which in theory should have implemented the choice of the Hokage to remain a democratic system.

For some reason, that doesn’t end up being the case, and the next Hokage is instead selected by the current one before he passes away. Since the Hokage is said to be the strongest and most respected ninja in the village, the original democratic system would have felt fairer and made a lot more sense.

3 The Five Kage Summit is created to discuss important issues, but is held once and again for several decades

naruto five kage summit

The Five Kage Summit, a meeting where the leaders of their respective villages can come together and discuss important issues, was originally created by the First Hokage. He does this in order to evenly distribute the tailed beasts that Konohagakure had acquired as a sign of goodwill.

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The summit itself makes sense, but what doesn’t stick is that a second Kage summit isn’t summoned again until decades later by the Fourth Hokage. It’s hard to believe that in all this time there has never been another issue that the Kages say is worth raising.

2 After being named Hokage, Hiruzen allows Danzo to take root despite his questionable actions

naruto danzo

During Hiruzen’s reign as the Third Hokage, in the anime, he allows Danzo to establish what is called Root. It’s a more ruthless subdivision of the ANBU that’s under Danzo’s exclusive rule, and it’s worth noting that this is in order to balance Hiruzen’s more empathetic way of governing.

It doesn’t make much sense, and his decision to do so makes even less sense when Danzo’s actions as Root’s leader are factored in. Not only have they carried out questionable foreign operations and taken action against Konoha personnel, they have even abducted children, and all of this is ignored by Hiruzen.

1 Even after Kakashi became the Sixth Hokage, for over a year he left the management of Konoha’s affairs to Tsunade.

kakashi sixth hokage of naruto

Kakashi is reluctantly appointed as the Sixth Hokage after the conclusion of World War Four Shinobi. His main complaints about the post are the amount of paperwork he has to do as well as having to deal with the affairs of Konoha citizens, although the latter is more so because he feels underqualified.

Because he felt unqualified for the job, for over a year after the war he still has Tsunade running Konoha’s affairs. This begs the question of why Kakashi would be named to succeed her right after the war to begin with if Tsunade still takes care of it as much herself.

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