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David Bullard writes about the counterproductive campaign against the big un-vaxxed


When we moved to the Cape Wineries from a rapidly deteriorating city of Johannesburg in 2013, I was very aware that we were not just moving from province to province in South Africa – we were indeed moving around. another country that was just using the same currency.

Also in a province which was proud of a unique floral kingdom and where the landscape never fails to appease the troubled soul. I went to the Property 24 website last week and saw that there are currently 115 properties for sale in the upscale northern suburb where I live, some at prices that were prevalent eight years ago. This tells me there is a rush to exit.

Three weeks ago there was snow on the Helderberg Mountains near my home and it was a wonderfully uplifting sight. On the road outside my complex, there is major construction. The curbs are all replaced, the road is tarred again and white lines have recently been repainted on some of our less traveled roads. After the heavy rains of a few weeks ago, there were many potholes on some of the main roads leading to Somerset West.

Within three days, they had been fixed and were ready for a more permanent solution, weather permitting. Last week I went with some trepidation to renew my vehicle’s registration disc. Knowing that last year many renewals were postponed to August due to COVID, I expected a long wait. I had walked in and out within 20 minutes, the service was friendly and efficient and I felt that warm glow you get when you live in a well run province.

We never take that for granted here, but we realize that what we are going through is in stark contrast to the experience in the rest of the country. The only logical explanation is that we are ruled by the Democratic Alliance, a party much vilified by many awakened white journalists who live and enjoy all that the Western Cape has to offer. They must be completely crazy. As far as I’m concerned, you can postpone the local elections for as long as you want if that means the DA remains in power in the WC. The alternatives are too terrible to be considered.

The year after we moved here, I thought it would be fun to do some serious whale watching. 2014 has been a particularly good year for whales, so I decided to charter a helicopter from Cape Town International Base 4 and take a few friends on the trip, including the legendary Norma Ratcliffe, the first woman. Cape winegrower and party girl to note.

The view was beautiful and the light was perfect around 4 p.m. for some great photos of southern right whales and calves along the coast near De Kelders.

With a legendary winemaker on board, it would have been foolish to return to CTI without literally going to a wine farm. So we landed at Bouchard Finlayson and were treated to a spectacular private VIP tasting in the cellar while the scum who had only arrived in the high-end Mercs had to be content with the tasting room.

If you can get anywhere by helicopter I highly recommend it.

In December 2004, when I was still “persona grata”, I was trying out Plett behind the wheel of the new Rolls Royce Phantom for the Sunday Times and attending the BMW Polo at Kurland Estate. . During the afternoon play, I accompanied my host on a helicopter ride to George Airport so he could catch a flight to join his family on vacation in the Seychelles. When we got back to Kurlands the polo shirt was over and the party was just getting started. You have no idea how much of a desirable guest you become when you step off a helicopter on a private airstrip, especially if you’re wearing a white linen suit and a Panama hat.

But back to Bouchard Finlayson and the Hemel-en-Aarde valley which is home to so many superb wine estates. Despite the edifying name, the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley was a leper colony between 1817 and 1846. When leprosy was first reported in Stellenbosch in 1756, it was decided that lepers should not be allowed. to live with healthy people and they were sent to a colony in Swellendam.

The idea of ​​separating those who are carriers of the disease seems to be gaining ground and I suspect that vaccine passports are just the beginning. Before too long, the great “non-vaxxed” will be forced to live in designated areas for fear of infecting the rest of society. ___STEADY_PAYWALL___

It won’t just be about not being allowed to travel, going to museums or art galleries, sporting events or nightclubs either. As the hysteria unfolds, non-vaxxers will be banned from malls, restaurants, beaches, public parks, etc. In fact, wherever their contagion could infect others and delay the return to what was once called a normal society.

Last week, The Spectator published an article online by Laura Dodsworth who just published a book called “A State of Fear: How the UK Government Weaponized fear during the COVID-19 pandemic”. It has received mixed reviews with The Times calling it “Covidiot’s guide to the pandemic.” A shockingly stupid book selling the “hooey conspiracy”.

Not all of the reviews were so negative, however, and some rather better qualified than the Times reviewer are giving the book’s arguments a fairer hearing.

In his article in The Speccie last week, Dodsworth wrote:

“We are simultaneously being told that if you have the vaccine you can still get infected and spread Covid, but if you don’t take it you put others at risk. The argument should buckle under the weight of its own inconsistency, but instead, vaccine passports are mandatory in several countries with a strange synchronicity. It is not conspiracy or paranoia to be alarmed by such developments ”.

This is something that has intrigued me for a long time. It is a very mixed message to claim both that vaccines are almost 100% effective and also that people who are not vaccinated (even those who have had the disease before) are a serious threat to those who are. .

Another thing that worried me as MSM ramp up COVID vaccine coercion is this. Forget about the fact that the vaccine has so far only been approved for emergency use and let’s give scientists the benefit of the doubt to come up with a vaccine in record time.

Why then should we immediately arrest those who dare to express an opinion questioning the safety of the vaccine, rather than listen to them and then respond rationally and rigorously? This has the practical effect of anchoring rather than allaying the worries of those who suffer from it.

Why would YouTube ban any opinion (no matter how far-fetched it might sound) that doesn’t match the official opinion? Why would governments criminalize questioning the official response to Covid?

Surely, if lockdown and vaccines were absolutely the right thing to do, it would be pointless to have coined the term ‘anti-vaxxer’, to label these people as selfish idiots and tin foil hats and hats. ‘introduce measures to restrict their freedoms?

Specifically, why would so many highly trained medical, academic and scientific professionals such as Nick Hudson of and those of be willing to risk their reputations and livelihoods to speak out? We know what’s in store for pro-vaxxers, but what’s in store for those on the other side of the debate?

I admit to being a complete fence guard when it comes to the COVID jab. I would prefer to apply the legal test of “beyond a reasonable doubt” and at the moment I think there is a lot of reasonable doubt; The state’s totalitarian tactics used to force citizens to get vaccinated are not the least.

As a hesitant friend said about the vaccine, once it’s in you, it’s in you. The fear is that we cannot then unravel the egg. As Laura Dodsworth points out, it’s all about behavioral science and who but places like China and North Korea trusts it?


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