Our destination through the 5 senses: savor the complexity of chocolate and coffee


Before tasting it, chocolate should be given special attention. Take the time to contemplate it, smell it and smell it. And if you’re careful, you’ll hear a “crackle” when you bite it. All five senses are involved in tasting this cocoa-based treat. Likewise, our sensory perception is stimulated by coffee, the drink made from roasted and ground coffee beans.


Chocolate is passion in edible, versatile and variable form. You can be gripped by the intense experience of the most bitter dark chocolate or savor the sweetness and light texture of a delicate mousse. You can indulge in the complexity of a cake, refresh yourself with a traditional ice cream, comfort yourself with a cup of hot chocolate or refresh yourself with pozol, an ancient Mayan drink made with cocoa and corn.

All forms of chocolate have their charm and their moment. They never disappoint, always bringing pleasure. The key to getting the most out of it is to let the chocolate slowly melt in your mouth. Whether made into candy bars, desserts or drinks, cocoa is alluring, one of Puerto Vallarta’s most exquisite temptations.


Coffee is a drink of surprising richness and elegant complexity. Its stimulating effects are well known: it animates the brain, stimulates attention and concentration, improves memory and increases physical and mental performance, in addition to providing large amounts of antioxidants.

Although coffee is available in a wide variety of styles, to appreciate its true flavor, experts recommend espresso made with a French press. And while there are different types of roasts, the lighter ones make it easier to distinguish its attributes. In our destination you can taste some of the most famous varieties of Mexico (from Chiapas, Oaxaca and Veracruz) as well as regional types (from San Sebastián del Oeste, La Cuesta, El Cimarrón and La Concha del Bramador, all in Jalisco) .

There are many cafes around Puerto Vallarta that serve excellent coffee and chocolate drinks; however, to awaken all your senses, savor them and learn more about these ancestral and complex delicacies, we suggest you visit Vallarta plant, an establishment that since 1998 has sought to satisfy the most demanding palates with its diversity of products from various regions of Mexico.


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